Dynamic Technologies Sparks up Events

Companies within the group have collaborated to release EventSpark, a comprehensive event management app on the Salesforce platform.

Johannesburg, 23 Jan 2020
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Companies within the Dynamic Technologies group recently collaborated to release a comprehensive event management app on the Salesforce platform.

SparkSmiths, a registered Salesforce ISV partner, has released EventSpark in conjunction with Cloudsmiths, a Salesforce Platinum Cloud Consulting Partner.

EventSpark is a native Salesforce app using the Lightning platform, aiding in-house marketing and event managers with the management and planning of events. Because it is built entirely on the Salesforce platform, no integration is required with Salesforce, and benefits such as security, speed and access to existing client data are seamless.

Salesforce has completed a comprehensive security review and approval of EventSpark. All data resides in Salesforce, and security settings and policies are automatically honoured. In addition, Salesforce and EventSpark run on the same server and do not need to integrate with third-party databases. In this way, expensive integration or customisation projects are avoided for a faster roll-out.

SparkSmiths is one of 14 group companies within the Dynamic Technologies group. The Group has 1 100 staff, with offices and representation in the UK, US, Europe and South Africa providing digital and technology solutions.

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