Apple delays white iPhone 4

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Apple will again delay the release of its eagerly anticipated white iPhone, this time until next spring.

The latest version of the popular handset, the iPhone 4, was released in June, but the white model was delayed first to July, then to the end of the year, and now to early next year.

"We're sorry to disappoint customers waiting for the white iPhone again," said Apple spokesperson Trudy Muller. She declined to explain the delay.

Apple has never said exactly why the white iPhone has been so troublesome to produce. The company has only said the white model was "more challenging to manufacture than we originally expected".

Rumours about the white iPhone have been on Apple-focused blogs for months, with explanations ranging from colour-matching problems to an issue with the device's backlight.

Colour aside, Apple is not having any trouble selling its smartphone. The iPhone, which is available in black, has fuelled Apple's growth over the past few years.

IPhone unit sales rose 91% to 14.1 million in Apple's most recent quarter, with a sales value of $8.6 billion.

Apple initially had trouble keeping up with demand, but the iPhone is now available in 89 countries.

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