Apple to support Podcasts

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Apple Computer will support and organise podcasts in the next version of its iTunes and iPod software, the company said yesterday.

Podcasts, which are sound files and audio content such as radio shows, have surged in popularity and do not require an iPod to listen to them on the go. Any digital MP3 player will work.

"With the next version of iTunes, due within 60 days, there will now be an easy way for everyone to find and subscribe to" podcasts, the company said in a statement.

Steve Jobs, Apple`s co-founder and CEO, demonstrated on Sunday evening at a Wall Street Journal technology conference how Apple`s podcasting organisation and downloading process would work, said Tim Bajarin, an analyst at market research firm Creative Strategy.

"From the demo, we saw you could put podcasts under categories," Bajarin said. "It makes it much easier to have, access, organise and sync podcasts to an iPod."

The updated digital music jukebox software, which Bajarin said Jobs said was version 4.9, "organises the podcasts within the iTunes store".

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