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Cape Town, 27 Mar 2018
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Local CRM provider Camsoft Solutions has commenced a series of sales and marketing workshops at their functions venue in Woodmead, Johannesburg as a result of a growing demand for such events. The workshops are facilitated by leading sales, marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) experts, including Suzanne Burgess, Mark Peters, Lutz Otto and Mark Annett.

At the workshops the facilitator imparts their vast knowledge and experience on the chosen subject to a limited number of attendees with whom they then also engage to understand the various challenges they have experienced in a particular field. The facilitator then recommends ways to overcome such challenges and presents tried-and-trusted ways that can be used to grow business in a more sustainable and profitable way.

Topics for the various workshops running currently include:

* Growing your B2B Sales in a Tight Economy
* Networking for Competitive Advantage.
* Hiring B2B Sales Superstars.
* Leading Sales Teams to Deliver Performance.
* Maximizer CRM Masterclass (aimed at those who make use of Maximizer CRM in their organisations).

More details on the specific topics covered in the workshops as well as the dates on which they will be held during the next two months, together with the workshop agendas and profiles of the facilitators can be found on the Workshops section of Camsoft's Web site. Bookings for the workshops can also be made on this Web site. The following are some details on one of the workshops being held:

Growing your B2B Sales in a Tight Economy

* Facilitator: Suzanne Burgess.
* Duration: Half day.
* Date: 18 April 2018.
* Time: 9am - 1pm.
* Venue: The Amazing Place, 40 8th Ave, Woodmead, Sandton, 2191

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April 2018

May 2018

11 | Maximizer CRM Masterclass

03 | Hiring B2B Sales Superstars

18 | Growing Your B2B Sales in a Tight Economy

09 | Networking for Competitive Advantage

23 | Networking for Competitive Advantage

17 | Leading Sales Teams to Deliver Performance

23 | Maximizer CRM Masterclass

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