Unified communication: The future of internal comms

Johannesburg, 28 Sep 2021
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Unified communication (UC) tools have been well marketed since the world has gone remote and with good reason. Keeping connected in a digital era is what most businesses need to stay afloat and keep in touch, whenever or wherever. 

Unified communication becomes a strategic decision for businesses because it can address communications issues in new ways by delivering an integrated platform where all these applications are in use in a shared or unified environment.

UC enables companies to use communication tools concurrently and interchangeably, creating multichannel sessions so employees can collaborate more effectively.

With that said, ScopCOMM Unified Communications is here to make collaboration easy across a wide range of devices and operating systems.

What is ScopCOMM?

ScopCOMM is an add-on to the ScopTel IPBX as an application for desktops and smartphones.

ScopCOMM has picture transfer and file transfer features, making collaboration easy across a wide range of devices and operating systems.

This solution can automatically upload your smartphone contacts, detect webphone numbers, make audio or video calls and send text messages between users – best for users commuting to work or working remotely.

This is where UC has the most significant impact since all employees use communications applications. For internal communication, presence is the crucial catalyst since it enables employees to see the status of co-workers in real-time. Status can include information such as their location, whether they're on a call and whether or not they're able to communicate at any given time.

ScopCOMM softphones have:

  • Healthy battery management
  • 'Do not disturb' feature
  • Integration of contacts from ScopTel IPBX
  • Easily communicate in chat
  • Available on a wide variety of devices (available on iOS and Android platforms for mobile and macOS, Windows and WebRTC for computers)

Unified communications benefit employees by empowering them to work effectively from the corporate office or a remote location, which is a key driver for personal productivity in the mobile and remote workforce we now operate in.

For most employees, the desk is just one of many locations where work gets done, and the SCOPCOMM technology from ScopServ International is built around where the end-user is, rather than where the desk phone is.

For more information about our ScopCloud IP PBX Modules, click here.

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