Teraco achieves global top 3 data centre ranking

Teraco’s business model of pure-play, vendor-neutral colocation creates an open market place for interconnection and new digital business opportunities.

Johannesburg, 17 Sep 2019
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In Cloudscene’s seventh publication of the Data Centre Ecosystem Leaderboard, Teraco’s JB1 East & West Data Centre is ranked at number three globally in terms of service providers available at the facility. Cloudscene’s rankings are derived from the data published in the directory, which is sourced from the service providers and data centre operators, and verified by an internal data analysis team.

Top Data Centre Ecosystems in South Africa
Top Data Centre Ecosystems in South Africa

Michele McCann, Teraco's Head of Interconnection and Peering, says that the company is delighted with its ranking: “It is a significant milestone for us to be listed among industry giants and to represent the African continent. To have achieved this growth and ranking in 10 years is something we are very proud of.”

The ranking is the result of an activity that Teraco strongly encourages within its data centre facilities: interconnection. Teraco’s business model of pure-play, vendor-neutral colocation enables the creation of an open market place for interconnection and new digital business opportunities. 

“By colocating in a Teraco data centre you are surrounded by opportunities to form new interconnections with business partners, service providers and networks,” says McCann. “Whether you are an enterprise buyer, service provider or reseller, Teraco’s Marketplace listing is the easiest way to find and connect to the ever-expanding ecosystem.”

The ecosystem experiencing the fastest growth is spearheaded by Teraco’s Africa Cloud Exchange, a purpose-built interconnection platform which improves enterprise hybrid and multi-cloud performance through direct interconnection. This enables enterprises to do more in the cloud by providing secure, direct, flexible network connections to a wide range of local and global cloud service providers, including AWS, Google, Microsoft Azure and local cloud vendors.

In real-world latency test results from Teraco’s Africa Cloud Exchange directly to resources deployed in Western Europe versus resources deployed in South Africa, McCann says that the RTT (Round Trip Time) has improved from an average of 171 milliseconds (ms) down to less than 2ms.

“There are over 270 service providers available at our JB1 East & West data centre facility, servicing existing clients. For the new enterprises entering the facility, there is an endless choice of applications, carriers, cloud services and content upon which to build their digital strategy,” says McCann.

Cloudscene will publish the next leader board in 2020.


Teraco provides carrier and cloud neutral colocation data centres, and with over 14 500 cross-connects, is Africa’s most interconnected data centre hub. As the first provider of highly resilient, vendor neutral data environments in sub Saharan Africa, Teraco brings global content closer to the digital edge.

With its world class data centre infrastructure and network dense ecosystems, Teraco forms a vital part of the African Internet’s backbone and is an essential part of the modern enterprise’s digital transformation strategy. It’s ever expanding ecosystems move Teraco beyond colocation and firmly establish it as an open marketplace for digital growth and innovation. Discovering new business partners, making strategic interconnection choices, on-ramping to your choice of cloud, and reaching new markets globally – Teraco provides a highly secure, flexible and resilient home for digital organisations the world over.

Purpose-built and operated to global best practice by an expert organisation with an absolute focus on data centre technology and infrastructure, Teraco offers all its clients secure, cost effective, sustainable, scalable and resilient data centre services through its Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town facilities.

Teraco is backed by leading international investors Berkshire Partners LLC and Permira. Teraco is a Level 3 BBBEE contributor (DTI Codes).

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