ICASA rethinks network monitoring tender

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The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) has published an updated tender for a network performance monitoring system.

The system will be used to monitor quality of service on SA's mobile networks, verify operator compliance reports and enable the implementation of punitive measures as set out in the regulations.

The regulator's original tender was published in January and attracted 10 submissions.

According to the tender documentation, ICASA's current system leaves it “no means or methods” of establishing mobile network operator compliance with the End-User and Subscriber Service Charter Regulations. As a result, the regulator only reports on two key performance indicators: accessibility of the network for voice calls and the ability of the network to retain the voice call.

The new system is required to deliver on a range of KPIs across both voice and data services. These include, among others:

  • Voice service access delay (time for call to connect)
  • Call setup success rate
  • Call drop ratio
  • Data service access time
  • Data service drop rate

The latest tender, however, has seen the monitoring of data service availability, data service access rate and data transfer rate removed from the technical parameters.

Other amendments include the addition of integration and setup of the solution; specification of 11 internationally accepted standards and practices that must be adhered to; and provision of the product roadmap as well as system design documents. The regulator has also clarified that the project's five-year duration is made up of three years for the system implementation. followed by two years of support.

ICASA has increased the cut-off score for functionality from 70 to 80 points out of 100, as well as changed the weighting of the requirements.

Functionality criteria Jan 2019 Oct 2019
Detailed project plan 20 10
Documentation and manuals 10 15
Adhering to international acceptable standards 5
Functional demonstration of the system’s capabilities ·         General requirements (20%) ·         Special reporting requirements (15%) 50 35
Testimonial references of completed projects (minimum 3) 5 15
Clear skills transfer plan 10 10
Support and local presence 5 10

The closing date for tender submissions is 29 October. The tender document can be found here.

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