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Linx wins at Awards

Linx named as a leading software provider for small businesses and start-ups.

Cape Town, 12 Jan 2021
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Linx is proud to announce it has won the ‘Best App Creator’ award from The award was based on research of over 70 software solutions across the industry, focusing on code expertise and the capacity to integrate additional features through plug-ins or integrations.

“The most important benefit of using application creator software is that it saves time and money on hiring high-level experts,” says Christelle Feniza, Communications Manager of “Small businesses can access this free guide to find the best solutions and gain insight into the pros and cons, pricing, key features and more.”

Anthony Morris from Linx explains: “Linx’s spectrum of features is highly suited to small business IT environments where delivering custom apps and solutions that deliver operational efficiency equal to that provided by major competitors is a must-have for continued success.

"Our customers use Linx to build automated solutions, using data from their disparate SaaS services and systems. The ability to leverage all of these systems would ordinarily be a job for a large hour-based development project. Our goal is to help accelerate development time while removing the intricacies of developing and maintaining code, so time-sensitive IT pros can spend more time on important elements that will make an incremental difference, such as business logic, process design and flows,” says Morris.

Launched in 2015, the current Linx platform has made its mark as a low code tool for developing and automating IT processes far faster than traditional development environments. Linx offers a sought after solution for many SMEs that are transitioning their back-office to cloud-based applications. The tool provides IT pros with unprecedented ease of use in its ability to integrate a variety of standalone data silos and automate the data that is dispersed across multiple applications – building repeatable processes, keeping systems and processes up to date with the latest customer and product information.

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