White paper: Definitive guide to network visibility and analytics in the hybrid cloud

Continuous network visibility and control, both on-premises and in the hybrid cloud.

Johannesburg, 18 Jul 2022
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In hybrid cloud, the sum is not yet greater than its parts.

When managing risk across hybrid and multicloud infrastructure, you must face the challenge of too many workloads in too many places with too many tools and dashboards. One of the biggest obstacles to monitoring and managing efficiently and effectively is the lack of consistent, granular, end-to-end visibility across the hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Network-based tools do not see cloud workloads. Cloud-native tools are unable to leverage the richness and ground truth of network visibility. Whether through intentional strategy or practical reality, nearly all mid to large organisations are running a hybrid cloud. Somehow, in a world of simplification and streamlining, we have more infrastructure options than ever – infrastructure as a service (IaaS), co-location facilities for off-premises hosting, private cloud virtualisation from classic hypervisor to hyperconverged infrastructure, containerisation in private or public cloud, and existing on-premises infrastructure. 

IT must balance agility with cost and flexibility with legacy requirements.

Please download our white paper to learn more.

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