Dynamic Technologies buys IndigoCube

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Software and technology group Dynamic Technologies is continuing with its acquisition trail, acquiring software services provider IndigoCube for an undisclosed amount.

IndigoCube is a specialist innovation and software business that develops skills, transforms processes, and provides technologies to enable innovation and business agility so businesses can more efficiently adapt to market demands in the digital age.

In February, Dynamic Technologies snapped up a 51% shareholding in DotModus. In 2016, it acquired a 51% stake in Blue Pencil, an SAP services specialist headquartered in Johannesburg.

"Dynamic Technologies aims to be the foremost software and services business in South Africa," says CEO Chris Wilkins.

"We invest in people, companies and technologies. IndigoCube brings a strong consulting, education and training component to the group that we want to develop with our experience and insight. Our goal is to ensure we provide innovative education in South Africa in support of the digital economy."

"Dynamic Technologies offers many opportunities IndigoCube can embrace, such as the global footprint, the business administration synergies, strategic initiative, and the powerful reputation that positions IndigoCube for growth," says MD Ziaan Hattingh.

Dynamic Technologies was established in 2004 by the founders of DVT, the largest company in the group of what are now 12 companies. The organisation offers a range of solutions to global enterprises, small and medium businesses and start-ups.

"Investing in people is the mainstay of the business," says Wilkins. "Our leadership and professionals are among the brightest in the industry and we have bolstered that capability in acquiring IndigoCube."

Skills development and training, including internships, learnerships, graduate programmes and apprenticeships, form a key component of the Dynamic Technologies Group.

"IndigoCube leverages the most advanced thinking in agile, DevOps, digital innovation, product experimentation, cyber security and application development to prepare organisations for the digital economy," says Hattingh.

"We combine training, consulting and coaching to deliver expertise that helps businesses develop their capacity for innovation management so they can be relevant today and in the future."

Employees are unaffected by the acquisition, the companies say. Dynamic Technologies and IndigoCube employees already share premises in Melrose, Johannesburg.

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