J2 Software launches new solution aimed at helping SME sector to combat cyber threats

J2 Software MD John Mc Loughlin.
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J2 Software MD John Mc Loughlin.

J2 Software has launched a packed solution aimed at helping SMEs get a handle on cyber threats. Cyber attacks on an SME can have a far harsher long-term effect than larger businesses. A larger entity will likely have established facilities in place to recover in the event of a cyber attack. When an SME is hit, it may take days or weeks to fully recover - that is if they can recover at all.

According to the South African Banking Risk Information Centre (SABRIC)[i], SA ranks third highest in the world for cyber attacks. While there do not appear to be stats on the local SME sector, internationally, a report by Deloittes[ii] reveals that in Holland, cyber crime costs the Dutch SME sector EUR1 billion each year. At today's exchange rate, that equates to R16 704 250 000,00. The figure for the Dutch economy as a whole is put at around EUR10 billion, or 1.3% of that country's GDP.

J2 Software MD John Mc Loughlin says not only are these figures staggering, but the local SME sector is not immune to these international patterns. "In South Africa, the security industry in general has left this sector heavily under-serviced and thus reduced to implementing in-house initiatives to fight this very real threat."

He highlights the fact that SMEs in SA are increasingly becoming a target for cyber criminals. "An article published earlier this year in SME South Africa[iii] cited the lack of resources in the sector as one of the contributing factors, with a Director of the Centre for Cyber Security at the University of Johannesburg urging SMEs to seek consultants to assist with the issue. The sector is reputed to be particularly susceptible to theft of sensitive information, with instances of companies being forced to ransom back their data."

He emphasises it is high time that SMEs have access to the same levels of protection normally reserved for larger businesses with bigger budgets and far more resources. "J2 Software's solution set will enable SMEs to get world-class security capabilities without the need for an increased head count to focus purely on these threats. We have been providing information security services and solutions since 2006 and in that time have gained vast experience working with businesses of all sizes. SMEs now have the ability, through this offering, to be protected online, ensure data is accessible and secure, while allowing their users the freedom to do their work in a connected world."

Mc Loughlin explains the new release has been developed by J2 Software's team of experts to provide not only a set of solutions, but also a monitoring service that instantly flags threats for customers. "This packed solution set has applications in all businesses in the SME arena, regardless of size or number of users, ie, it is a good fit for a five, 10 or 50 user business," he says.

J2 Software's SME-focused security service will provide protection for all users while they are online. This covers the most pressing security needs for the SME, including Web security, endpoint protection and a wide range of add-on options that allows customers of all sizes to focus on their business while the J2 Software team work on their information security.

"The African SME market must wake up to the fact that they need to ensure they are secure as they interact in the modern, connected world. In the event of an incident, this cost-effective solution is aimed at preventing breaches and keeping the business online without having to pay a ransom."

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J2 Software

J2 Software is a dynamic African ICT company founded in 2006 to address the need for effective information security, governance, risk and compliance solutions in the ICT markets across the continent. It offers globally leading solutions, including: Dtex SystemSkan, Mimecast, J2 Online Backup and Simply Secure.

The continued rise of identity theft and confidential data leakage drives the requirement for J2 Software's product offerings - not only for competitive advantage, but as an absolute necessity.

J2 Software delivers essential tools that empower organisations to take control of their technology spend. Its hand-picked solutions provide complete visibility over its customers' environment, while reducing risk and lowering costs.

J2 Software has provided services and solutions to renowned enterprise corporations with sites running in South Africa, Angola, Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

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