Israel's Matrix opens in China

The new mobile application development centre is a joint venture of Matrix and Chinese-Israeli PTL Group.

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Israeli information technology provider Matrix has opened a mobile application development centre in Changzhou, China, the company said yesterday.

The new centre will specialise in developing mobile apps for Matrix clients in China and around the world. Matrix said it expects to launch additional centres across China.

Financial details were not disclosed.

The centre is a joint venture of Matrix and PTL Group, a Chinese-based company owned by Israeli shareholders, serving as a partner to Matrix and John Bryce in China.

Zvi Shalgo, chief executive of PTL Group and chairman of the Israeli Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, said an increasing number of Israeli and international companies are opening development centres in China to leverage the knowledge of the target market as early as the development stage and customise products for the Chinese market.

"This cuts the time to market and improves the competitive advantage," he said.

In addition to the Matrix Global development centre, PTL expects to open three more research and development centres for Israeli companies with operations in China, including telephony, robotics and satellite communication.

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