WiSolar offers SA homeowners solar power financing

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Solar panels by WiSolar, which use Q-Cell solar cells.
Solar panels by WiSolar, which use Q-Cell solar cells.

Energy solutions company WiSolar is providing solar financing to homeowners in SA in an effort to make its systems accessible to consumers across the country.

It says the financing allows consumers to purchase their desired solar system through a six-year payment path to ownership, which WiSolar believes will help reduce dependence on fossil fuels and the impact on the environment.

WiSolar says as of June, it has installed approximately 9MW of residential solar power in SA, providing enough clean power for 3 000 homes, and “this should enable more income-generating opportunities and residential readiness as the world at large gradually transitions to electric vehicles”.

“The recently-launched solar finance programme is targeted at homeowners and residential estates in South Africa. The programme is coming as a big relief to this category of customers, as it makes solar energy a reality to many who have avoided the option due to its exorbitance.”

The monthly payment plan of up to 72 months will be available across all solar electricity packages provided by the company to residential and commercial customers, says WiSolar.

“You can now finance your purchase with an affordable monthly payment,” says CEO Tonye Irims.

WiSolar is one of the few service providers that have rolled out a prepaid, decentralised solar electricity solution in the country.

Last year, WiSolar announced a solar-as-a-service product in Nigeria and South Africa, saying it planned to use its existing capabilities and channel partners to scale and increase coverage.

A company spokesperson told ITWeb: “We have again reiterated the goal of working to protect the environment and strengthen country communities through solar energy projects with the recent announcement that the company will be rolling out its prepaid, decentralised solar electricity (solar-as-a-service) for variable load projects.”

The company says there is an “increasing cry for the mass adoption of clean energy solutions such as solar, as countries across the globe begin to realise the need for current and future generations to have equal access to essential social services while living on a thriving and sustainable planet”.

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