Lucent signs two European contracts

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Telecommunications equipment giant Lucent Technologies said yesterday it has signed two European contracts. Lucent, based in Murray Hill, New Jersey, said it signed a multi-year contract for an unspecified amount of money to supply optical networking gear to France Telecom.

Lucent said it will supply optical networking gear, which has the capacity to transmit 10Gbps, or 2 million one-page e-mails per second, across a single fibre strand.

In a separate project, France Telecom has begun testing the Lucent WaveStar LambdaRouter, a high-capacity, all-optical switch. The new switch, which can route traffic 16 times faster than electrical switches, is capable of routing billions of e-mail messages every second.

Lucent also said it signed a contract for an unspecified amount to expand the capacity of the European optical network of Paris-based NETs, a member of Italy`s Tiscali.

NETs is a telecom and infrastructure operator specialising in high-speed transmission for carriers, Internet service providers and large businesses.

The agreement expands NETs` network into Italy, Spain, Switzerland and eastern Europe, Lucent said. The NETs optical network provides high-speed bandwidth services to business and service provider customers across Europe.

Lucent said it will upgrade NETs` current 400Gbps, dense wavelength division multiplexing system, to a Lucent system that can transmit at 800Gbps, equivalent to 10 million simultaneous phone calls -- or 160 million one-page e-mail messages -- every second.

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