Zaydtex chooses SAP Business One from 4most Systems to enable future growth

Zaydtex looks to 4most Systems and SAP Business One to streamline its current business processes, provide seamless and transparent reporting to enable future growth and profitability.

Johannesburg, 13 Feb 2018
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Fact sheet
Solution: SAP Business One
Industry: Curtain textile producer
Provider: 4most
User: Zaydtex

As one of the largest vertically integrated inside curtain textile producers in Africa, Zaydtex, a family-owned business situated just outside Pretoria, has chosen to partner with 4most Systems in implementing the world-class SAP Business One solution.

This niche market-curtain textile business is responsible for manufacturing right from the yarn stage through to the ready-made article, complete with packaging and supplying to national chain stores and independent suppliers with curtains and material by the metre. From a positive start in 1997, Zaydtex has captured a large market share over the last 20 years, growing from strength to strength; it now boasts a staff complement of over 250 and has major expansion plans on the horizon.

With expansion plans into new markets, manufacturing of new products and capital outlay on new equipment to fulfil these plans, a new business solution needed to be sourced to assist Zaydtex with these demands. "Our need to upgrade our IT to meet our business processes was the first step in the decision to seek a new solution," says Zayd Tayob, Chairman. "With the use of a slightly outdated system, we required a new solution, which encompassed a holistic view of our business and would support our procurement and imports of raw materials and offer a seamless recurring process to fulfil this.

"With SAP Business One, we will also be able to give our existing clients a better service offering by giving them more realistic lead times as well as keep them in the loop as to where their orders are in the production cycle."

"Keeping your finger on the pulse of a dynamic and constantly evolving marketplace is key to the sustainability any business," sites Marius Fabian, Managing Director of 4most Systems, a leading supplier and implementer of SAP Business One. However, being aware of the impact of these changes on your business and industry is just the first step. "It is the ability to react and adapt quickly and seamlessly that is crucial not only to retaining one's competitive edge, but more critically, to business survival, and this is exactly what Zaydtex has done."

Zaydtex did extensive research into different solutions offered within the market today and found that SAP Business One was the best fit for its business requirements. SAP Business One offered the holistic approach to business functions that it was looking for, with a strong ERP to support its manufacturing core, as well as a database component and the very necessary Analytics being the highlight of the solution. However, the cherry on the top was the Mobility function, which allows management to access their business information from anywhere around the world. This was extremely important as management travels extensively to source raw materials, and being able to keep their pulse on what is happening within their business at all times was key.

4most Systems was the chosen partner to implement SAP Business One at Zaydtex. "Dealing with Marius Fabian as the Managing Director and owner of 4most Systems was the draw card for us," says Tayob. "We believe that partnering with 4most Systems will be the better fit for our company and that a win-win solution will always be reached in any situation which may arise, that 4most will be able to accommodate our company as we evolve throughout the business expansion journey.

"SAP Business One will be able to grow and evolve with our business so the investment into this solution was as much for the future as for the now.

"We believe that with SAP Business One and 4most Systems, transparency within our business systems will be amplified and so leakages or wastage will be quickly pinpointed and eradicated, allowing for better efficiency and more profitability. SAP Business One must make us better and assist us in making more money, as a business needs to be profitable, the bottom line positive," says Tayob.

4most Systems

4most Systems provides world-class, individually tailored and innovative business solutions for small, medium and large enterprises across industries and sectors. Established as a SAP partner in 2004, it delivers ERP solutions utilising SAP Business One at the core.

With offices in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia, as well as a growing economic footprint across Africa, 4most has implemented over 3 000 SAP Business One Users across numerous industries, and has supplied services to more than 150 companies.

These services include the implementation, hosting, ongoing support, maintenance, customised software development, and application modifications of ERP software systems as well as SAP user and certification training.

Why 4most?

4most truly partners with its clients from the very beginning. It seeks to fully understand their business and daily operational processes; it then addresses their requirements while sharing its knowledge and expertise and best advising them of industry standards and best practices. It provides a clear project plan detailing roles, responsibilities and timelines, and it remains with its clients as they grow and helps them to define their future business.

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