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Clarence Ford
Clarence Ford

presenter Heart FM & MC

Clarence was born in District 6, grew up on the Cape Flats, and has established himself as an evergreen radio professional. He cites as his main accomplishment three interviews he conducted with Nelson Mandela. His radio career started in Namibia. He traveled and worked across sub-Saharan Africa before settling at Radio Highveld in Johannesburg. He returned to Cape Town and served out stints at both Good Hope FM and Heart FM. Clarence is also a serial entrepreneur with diverse interests. He cites his accomplishments in jazz specifically, as his most treasured successes. Jazz on the Rocks, MosJazz, The Jazz Cruise are part of 7 festivals he produced annually. Clarence also established Manenberg's Jazz Cafe and The North Sea Jazz Festival (Cape Town). He recently established the Camissa Business Network as a means to support emerging entrepreneurs in Cape Town. The financial impact of COVID 19 has forced many people into a merchant economy. He says, the adage, "necessity is the mother of invention" rings true. Some real entrepreneurs will emerge from this crisis, and the Camissa Business Network will seek to do its bit to optimize that outcome especially amongst youth". Clarence's business is called Camissa Solutions. Camissa is the original name given to Cape Town by its Khoi inhabitants. Camissa means "Place of Sweet Water" and his embrace of this name reflects the strong affinity he has with Cape Town and its people past, present, and future.

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