Seth Dobrin
Seth Dobrin

Vice President and Global Chief AI Officer, IBM

Dr Dobrin joined IBM in November 2016 with the mission to transform the Cloud and Cognitive Software operations using data and AI, as well as to share his perspective with IBM clients.

Thanks to his extensive experience and very unique background, which ranges from a PhD in genetics to the domain of business operations, Seth is a prominent voice in the data and AI field, and has provided his expertise to several Fortune 500 companies which he helped accelerate the operationalization of the AI practice into the business.

​Currently, As IBM’s Chief AI Officer Seth is responsible for defining IBM’s over AI strategy: making Watson the AI for Business. as well as activating IBM against that strategy. To make Watson the AI for Business, Seth is focusing IBM’s internal and external efforts on Automation for and via AI, Trustworthy AI and AI that understands the language of business. Additionally, focusing on the development of Neurosymbolic AI for future capabilities.