Paul Spagnoletti
Paul Spagnoletti

digital & technology business executive, iOCO

Paul Spagnoletti is a digital and technology business executive with more than 20 years of experience in various technology and professional services roles. He specialises in creating value-based outcomes, enabled through technology platforms and professional services.

His career has emanated from a business development perspective, and while this has remained core and critical in each role he has played, he has overseen numerous systems implementations across various industry sectors, as well as supported and managed services that deliver value-based outcomes to his customers.

With a keen interest in digital technology and its market disruption impact, Spagnoletti has helped shape the digital strategy and go-to-market of organisations against the backdrop of constant innovation and change. Throughout his career he has worked in leading large enterprise businesses, as well as developed medium businesses and built start-ups, thus bringing an understanding of working in and across organisations of all types and sizes.