Organisations across the board are unleashing the power of IT to supercharge innovation. But, as they scramble to respond to the demands of digitally empowered customers, they also need to keep their business running smoothly.

To help them do this, Experience Micro Focus Universe 2019, a full-day occasion, will be featuring four tracks, one for each of the key areas the company’s digital transformation solutions cover, says Allyson Towle, country marketing manager at Micro Focus SA.

Enterprise DevOps

She says the first track, ‘Enterprise DevOps’, is aimed at helping delegates build and deliver better software faster, so they can unleash the power of DevOps across hybrid IT, and quickly bring innovative ideas to life at the pace that business demands.

“DevOps accelerates more than application delivery,” says Towle. “It transforms business ideas into customer value by automating and orchestrating continuous delivery pipelines to securely deliver quality software and services faster. Nowadays, teams are often spread across the globe in both traditional and hybrid IT environments. With demands for security, compliance, innovation and availability, businesses need to know how to bring this complexity together.”

DevOps will be facilitated by Carlos Gutierrez, ADM international GTM leader from Spain; followed by three Micro Focus customer presentations per track and a panel discussion.

Hybrid IT management

The next track, ‘Hybrid IT Management’, will help businesses master hybrid IT with new agility, bridging traditional and transformational IT services from mainframe to mobile, from corporate to cloud.

“Digital business success requires an IT organisation that can match the speed of DevOps across multi-cloud and traditional environments without sacrificing security or governance,” she says. “Micro Focus IT Operations Management solutions help IT organisations transform for agility by connecting management across the entire hybrid IT environment and enabling a service provider approach.”

“At Experience Micro Focus Universe, we will show delegates how we can provide an integrated end-to-end application life cycle management solution that is built for any methodology, technology and delivery model,” she adds.

Gopal Krishna Ramachandra, international IT operations management leader in the UAE, will lead this track, followed by four Micro Focus customer presentations and a panel discussion.

Security, risk & governance

The third track, ‘Security, Risk & Governance’, will take a holistic, analytics-driven approach to securing what matters most – identities, applications and data.

“Cyber threats are escalating. Ageing apps and processes (and new ones) are full of unforeseen risks. Privacy and compliance requirements are mounting. And point solutions don’t offer the scope, vision or cross-silo analytics needed to address these company-wide challenges,” says Towle. “Micro Focus aims to change this.”

She says Experience Micro Focus Universe will show delegates how the company can support defence against breaches, secure DevOps and the SDLC process, guard the privacy of individuals and their data, and help them comply with worldwide regulatory and jurisdictional regulations at enterprise scale.

This track, says Towle, will be led by Chris Barngrover, security strategist from Texas, followed by four Micro Focus customer presentations and a panel discussion.

Application modernisation, analytics

The fourth track, ‘Application Modernisation and Connectivity, plus Predictive Analytics', will teach delegates how to unlock the value of mainframe and host systems and transform by modernising apps, processes and infrastructure. In addition, the company will showcase data analytics without limits.

The track is being led by two people. Justin Agar, account executive at Micro Focus South Africa, will discuss application modernisation and connectivity, and Eric Rousseau, regional sales leader at Vertica, will handle the predictive analytics element.

The event, now in its second year in Johannesburg, will be held at the Inanda Club, in Sandton, on 29 August.