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Morgan Malyon
Morgan Malyon

Executive Product Manager / Senior Solutions Manager, Huawei Enterprise Technologies South Africa

Morgan is a skilled and highly innovative Senior Product Manager within the Information and Communications Technology sector. His strength and experience lie within the Data Centre environment, including data protection, disaster recovery, high availability, replication, virtualisation, SAN connectivity, networking, storage, and management. Encompassed within this ambit is an exceptional working knowledge around Cloud based technologies in product planning and management of product lifecycle, for enterprise and consumer business. His participation has proven to increase the profitability of existing products and to develop new products and services, working closely with sales, marketing, technical teams, and key stakeholders. His primary focus is on data protection. His current tenure is as an Executive Product Specialist for Huawei at Mustek Limited, where he is strategically positioned as an advocate for the Huawei business, whilst maintaining focus on customer and partner development, and helping to broaden the brand of Huawei Enterprise in South Africa. He loves working in a multicultural, diverse and dynamic environment. Interpersonal relationships are core to his DNA. Morgan is known as a gentleman and consummate professional who delivers each time.

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