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25 – 28 August

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COVID-19, like a clever computer virus, doesn't go in breaking through the firewall, it infiltrates the network, silent, scanning for vulnerabilities to exploit.

Thankfully, we can understand a computer virus exactly... we know our network and we can see how the virus is affecting it... it's just maths in the end, we have enough knowledge to know exactly. Frighteningly, we don't understand nowhere close how the network of organisms and cells that make up our bodies functions, how do we secure our bodies, do our minds feature and what about all the invisible stuff? We are making progress with modern medicine but we surely have a way to go.

Like all problems exist looking for their solutions, what does the post virus world look like and what will the "new new South Africa" be like... more corrupt and less free or fulfilling it's original promise?

Join us for the #hackingthevirus #SS20Hack hackathon, running alongside the 1st virtual edition of the 17th annual ITWeb Security Summit, on 25-28 Aug 2020, where we work on building a better world, together, skills development with future generations, hack and have fun.

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ITWeb’s Security Summit will once again provide a comprehensive update on the latest cyber and information security threats and solutions. Hear new best practices for cloud security, AI, IoT, blockchain, DevSecOps and more. Learn how to evolve your IT security, risk and governance strategy to support your business in the digital age.

On the sidelines of the ITWeb Security Summit, ITWeb and Geekulcha will be hosting a virtual - the 4th annual edition of the Security Summit Hackathon. For the Northern Cape, the Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DEDAT) and Sol Plaatje University will once again lead the provincial edition of the Hackathon.

  • Date: 24 - 27 August 2020
  • Time: Mon, 09:00AM - Wed, 15:00PM
  • Number Participants: 100 (all around the country) and 20 teams in total
  • Prizes: R20 000 (1st Place), R10 000 (2nd Place) and R5000 (3rd Place)

Abstract: According to the World Internet Stats, Africa’s Internet Penetration stands at 39.8%, while this number is still relatively low, it does signal the growth and with growth comes possibilities that come with vulnerabilities. A key question lies around the skills and capacity to help manage the changes.

#hackingthevirus #SS20Hack The annual Security Summit Hackathon is attended by young, talented individuals who want to develop their skills through learning and innovation, and who have a passion for information security, machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence, IOT and other new age technologies. Young local techies will be building solutions that embody proactive security capabilities in helping project Africa's Digital Footprint.


Aim and Key Objectives

#hackingthevirus #SS20Hack 24 - 27 August 2020 The Security Summit Hackathon is open to beginner, intermediate and advanced software developers to build information security skills that are aligned to industry needs. This is an effort to build capacity that can be imagined and build with the aim of mitigating risks in the ever-changing threat landscape.

These sets of objectives are what drives the motive behind the Security Summit Hackathon:
  • Obtain training to further improve and enhance their skills and to ultimately build opportunities for job creation within the information security industry space.
  • Build more interest, conscious and and momentum into the Information Security paradigm
  • Get to work with like-minded young professionals
  • Build solutions that puts the Digital Citizen first
  • Imaging the future with Machine Learning in helping with more secure systems/applications
  • Scout talent for work or collaborative opportunities
  • Build a framework in approaching skills development in Information Security
  • Connect developers from different backgrounds and skills sets
  • An opportunity to put security products into test

Theme Outline for 2020

#hackingthevirus #SS20Hack 24 - 27 August 2020 The Security Summit 2020 Hackathon will be taking place amid Covid-19 which is forcing everyone to adhere or adapt to a new normal. It is without a doubt that life will never be the same again with our social, civic, educational, economical, livelihoods and other aspects of our lives getting affected.

#hackingthevirus #SS20Hack will be used as an opportunity to challenge young local techies to: a) Build solutions under remote and collaborative setting. b) Learn and develop solutions that enable working or service access in a secure way. c) Help make life easy for citizens, with trust.

#hackingthevirus #SS20Hack Theme: Building Capability for the New Normal - Social and Work Life Teams are required to come up and build innovative solutions that adhere to best practices, standards and tools. Participants must be cautious that their solutions do not compromise the rights of the user and have least vulnerability to cyber threats.

Sub-themes of Interest:
  • Socially responsible connectivity
  • Business in a forcefully digitized world
  • How can we equip SA society for digitized platforms so that the virtual environment is more secure?
  • Building capability for the new normal
  • Protecting the digital citizen
  • How to secure your Work From Home (WFH) environment

Prize Money

Win big at #SS20HACK

Looking for a mentor, access to some of the greatest minds in infosec both locally and internationally,
or want to grab one of the internships on offer? Then this is your chance!

1st Place:

R10 000.00

2nd Place:

R6 000.00

3rd Place:

R4 000.00

CTF Challenge Winner:

R7 000.00 + learnership at Snode

Ultimate GeekStar/Hacker:

Course from WWise worth R12 500.000 + 12 Months Brainstorm Magazine subscription

Best Female Star:

R1 500.00

Spot Prizes:

R1 500.00



#hackingthevirus #SS20Hack 24 - 27 August 2020 The following are aspects to help guide #hackingthevirus #SS20Hack working angle by the teams in their solutions.

4.1 CIA Triad

  • Confidentiality - information should only be accessible to users who have been granted access to it for valid reasons. Only authorized users can access data if it is protected properly, and if authorized users do not violate security policy.
  • Integrity - data may not be changed except by authorized users or processes. This means that data must be protected from alteration, deletion, or other changes to its intended form.
  • Availability - authorized users can access data when they need to do so. The text points out that some readers misunderstand this concept.
  • Availability - means only that proper access methods are provided to authorized users, not to everyone

4.2 Six Ps of Information Security

  • Planning - planning specifically for information security
  • Policy - setting information security rules for the organization
  • Programs - not software, but operational areas within the information security division; this could represent teams that do different jobs or specific functions of particular staff
  • Protection - risk assessment and management
  • People - people will make or break your security measures
  • Project Management - every project should be managed properly to see that it is implemented successfully

Capture The Flag Challenge

#hackingthevirus #SS20Hack 24 - 27 August 2020
CTF (Capture The Flag) is a kind of information security competition that challenges contestants to solve a variety of tasks ranging from a scavenger hunt on wikipedia to basic programming exercises, to hacking your way into a server to steal data. In these challenges, the contestant is usually asked to find a specific piece of text that may be hidden on the server or behind a webpage.

CTF Challenge at SS20Hack
For a second year, the Security Summit Hackathon will feature a Capture The Flag Challenge led by Snode.

Multiple Red and Blue teams will be created to compete against each other throughout the country and teams will be required of the following at the end:
  • Outline a scenario for the CTF Challenge
  • Present an attack tree
  • What they have learned and challenges
  • Demo


#hackingthevirus #SS20Hack 24 - 27 August 2020
To prepare the participants for the Hackathon, an IDEATHON event will be hosted on the first day of the hackathon, 24 August in Johannesburg and Kimberley, same time, for training and idea generation. A panel of industry leaders (consisting of Hackathon mentors at most) give training sessions for the participants to acquire concepts and guidance in development of their SS20Hack projects.

Summary of Action Plans with the IDEATHON
- First batch of submissions to be sent to mentors. Each team will be allocated to a mentor after evaluation.
- Mentors must choose ideas of interest, ultimately a team to mentor, based on: Innovativeness or novelty of the idea, related field, feasibility and security implementation plan.
- Teams will receive feedback and guidance from the mentors as well as to which mentor is allocated for their team
- A pre-hackathon Meeting/Brief to be done to ensure readiness

24 Aug 2020 to 27 Aug 2020 Hackathon

Opening, Rules and Schedule

Tiyani Nghonyama , COO, Geekulcha


Goals and objectives of the Hackathon


Capture The Flag Challenge. QnA

Nithen Naidoo , CEO & Founder, Snode Technologies


Cyber risk awareness. QnA

Steve Jump , Cyber Risk Strategist, Coach and Advisor, Custodiet Advisory Services


Web Apps security. QnA


Location Services. QnA

Lenah Kitenge , Here Technologies

Clint Leander, , Here Technologies


InfoSec for Beginners - career goals. QnA


International Organisation of Standards related to Information and Cyber Security. QnA


What the Hack? A look at common vulnerabilities. QnA