Client content: Six steps for building a robust incident response strategy


Most organisations operating in a highly connected digital world realise that it is not enough to simply detect and prevent cyber attacks, they also need to respond – quickly and efficiently.

IBM Security Resilient, a security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) platform, was developed for just this purpose: to help security teams respond to cyber attacks with confidence, automate with intelligence and collaborate with consistency. The platform helps security teams to manage, co-ordinate, and streamline the entire incident response process.

IBM Security has worked with organisations across various industries to implement Resilient, a SOAR platform, to develop more sophisticated and robust incident response functions. These organisations build incident response processes that are consistent, repeatable and measurable rather than ad hoc. They make communication, co-ordination and collaboration an organisation-wide priority by leveraging technology that can empower the response team to do their job faster and more accurately.