Discover the Cloud Security Automation Stack framework

The cloud has changed the game for everyone. Competition and the pursuit of business superiority is shortening product to market cycles, requiring enterprises to reevaluate their current application architectures. It doesn’t take long to come to the conclusion that the “right” solution requires embarking on a journey of digital transformation, involving the rapid adoption of the cloud, containers, microservices and DevOps processes.

However, the combination of deploying container native applications at scale, as immutable infrastructure and frequent deploy and tear down cycles, has required DevOps to automate all aspects of the infrastructure as well as security.

Palo Alto, in partnership with ITWeb, invites you to this webinar to discover the “Cloud Security Automation Stack”, a framework for representing all aspects of infrastructure and security as code, coupled with automation, applied throughout the build, deploy and run phases.

In this manner DevOps and Security teams leverage automation and infrastructure as code with security natively injected at the appropriate points, to secure critical cloud native assets.

You will discover the trends and new tooling approaches in South Africa as the local environment changes, and our experts will also demo the adoption of the Cloud Security Automation Stack to comprehensively secure microservices running as containers on the Kubernetes platform.