Partnership announcement – Fastcomm and 4Sight Holdings

Johannesburg, 20 Aug 2021
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Global tech innovator and IOT expert Fastcomm is in partnership with 4Sight Holdings, a multinational, diversified technology group, to debut a range of smart connected commercial IOT solutions. Applications of this type can be installed in places where people are frequently present, including commercial office buildings, supermarkets, stores, hotels, healthcare facilities and entertainment venues. 

Employees and visitors benefit from these smart IOT solutions because they enable the monitoring of smart buildings and smart offices, from utility monitoring (power and water usage monitoring), continuous indoor air quality monitoring, access control for buildings, temperature sensing, occupancy management, asset tracking and more.

"We are delighted to partner with 4Sight Holdings, bringing Fastcomm’s IOT platform and innovative technology to the forefront. Our range of commercial IOT solutions offers 24/7 access to the operation of all connected machines, providing immediate text/e-mail alert notification and remote diagnostic capabilities. Customers are now equipped to proactively manage their business, minimise operational downtime and ensure staff and occupant safety." Leon Heydenrich, Commercial Manager, Fastcomm SA

"4Sight has defined the end state of digital transformation as Enterprise 5.0 – the digital, agile and intelligent enterprise of the future. For Enterprise 5.0, a data strategy that enables enterprise data through insights from IT and OT systems is imperative for business to make real-time and accurate decisions. Part of this strategy is a commercial IOT platform that can track and monitor commercial assets, people, is stable, scalable and commercially viable.

"4Sight’s partnership with Fastcomm’s IOT platform is the perfect foundation for us and our clients. Through this platform, we can deliver advanced solutions, including but not limited to advanced process control, prescriptive maintenance and many other advanced analytics and AI solutions at a very affordable price point.

"I am very excited about our partnership with Fastcomm and what 4Sight has already managed to do for our customers in the commercial space." Rudi Dreyer, Chief Business Environment Officer

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