4Sight to have strong presence at 2022 Mining Indaba

Johannesburg, 10 May 2022
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Wilhelm Swart, 4Sight’s Chief Operational Technologies Officer.
Wilhelm Swart, 4Sight’s Chief Operational Technologies Officer.

Local technology company 4Sight will have a strong presence at this year’s Mining Indaba, with representation at the stands of two of its key partners in the mining industry, DRA Minopex and Aspentech. This year’s Mining Indaba is particularly important because it comes at a time when the industry is experiencing huge demand coupled with significant challenges relating to sustainability and, in particular, decarbonisation, says Wilhelm Swart, 4Sight’s Chief Operational Technologies Officer.

“Efficiency, safety and less impact on the environment are the watchwords for mining today, and technology has a key role to play in achieving all these goals. Alongside our partners DRA Minopex and AspenTech, 4Sight is already playing a big role in helping mines successfully navigate their digital transformation journey, with a particular focus on digitalising mines’ operational technology to make their operations safer, greener and more productive,” he says.

DRA is one of the globe’s most prominent diversified engineering, project delivery and operations management groups. Its fully owned subsidiary, Minopex, is a leader in designing, building and managing mining operations for a range of global clients. 4Sight is a key technology partner for Minopex, providing and implementing the solutions that drive operational efficiency and, crucially, support mines’ strategies to decarbonise their operations. Key focus areas for 4Sight include asset simulation, asset automation and asset optimisation, supporting the convergence between Information Technologies and Operational Technologies through their Business Environment Cluster.

Willie Ackerman, 4Sight’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer.
Willie Ackerman, 4Sight’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer.

AspenTech is a technology leader in the metals and mining industry. It is pioneering the digital mine, using machine learning and artificial intelligence to reduce equipment failures, increase throughput by reducing unplanned downtime, and improve safety by identifying risks well in advance. The company understands that the rising demand for mining product has to be balanced by new levels of efficiency and innovation in order to meet the imperative to preserve planetary health. AspenTech’s solutions minimise environmental impact via lower use of energy, water and raw material, helping mines transition to renewable energy resources and develop new products and processes to eliminate waste and emissions across the entire life cycle.

4Sight is an AspenTech partner and also the main partner to take to market all the AspenTech solutions in the metals and mining industry, says Willie Ackerman, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer.

“We are proud to be working with these two leading companies as we help the mining industry rise to the challenge of a carbon-neutral future,” Ackerman concludes. “Mining is essential to the modern economy, and together we have a big role to play in positioning it for continuing success.”

4Sight will be on hand to interact with visitors to the Mining Indaba together with DRA Minopex at stand 312, and AspenTech at Booth 1202 in Hall 3.

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