Accelerit Technologies forms strategic partnerships

Johannesburg, 10 Oct 2019
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Mandla Ngcobo
Mandla Ngcobo

Accelerit Technologies, a turnkey ICT solutions provider, has entered into strategic partnerships to extend its high-speed fibre footprint to remote towns across South Africa.

Accelerit prides itself in challenging the status quo, with the main objective being to achieve the widest telecommunications connectivity footprint at the most reasonable price point for both business and home users.

One of the most prominent of these partnerships has been the roll-out of prepaid IP transit (IPT) solutions for Internet service providers (ISPs) in the Bloemfontein area as a key enabler of spreading affordable connectivity in this region. Traditionally, ISPs have had to purchase a national long distance (NLD) link back to Teraco and, once at Teraco, they’d then need to buy transit on a contract basis.

Accelerit's month-to-month prepaid IPT solution eliminates the need for the NLD link; the service provider need only connect with Accelerit at its point of presence in Bloemfontein at the Internet Solutions data centre, and the client receives the transit there. This initiative is being championed with Seacom. Seacom and Accelerit’s expansion to Bloemfontein is made possible by Seacom’s recent acquisition of FibreCo Telecommunications, which has a far-reaching dark fibre network within South Africa.

Accelerit has targeted several towns as part of their initial connectivity initiative, which comprises a mixture of business and consumer solutions. “The initial roll-out will see Bloemfontein, Ladysmith, Newcastle, Pietermaritzburg, Scottsburgh and all the way to Port Shepstone and Shelly Beach being addressed through a number of partnerships, with the primary objective being to enable wholesale players to roll-out affordable, symmetrical, high-speed business broadband to their clients much more efficiently than before,” says Mandla Ngcobo, Founder and CEO at Accelerit.

Accelerit have access to over 5 000 connected buildings due to its over 50 interconnect agreements with fibre network operators. “If we can’t reach you with fibre, then we deploy our licensed wireless solution to get to you. Our deployment time is typically under 12 weeks depending on whether there is build required or not,” Ngcobo said.

When rolling out these projects, it is crucial to ensure your systems are up to standard and can handle the load thrown at them. Accelerit has built its systems for resilience, meaning even on the most basic broadband product, it offers some level of redundancy for you, at no additional cost, on its core network. “Our support staff go beyond the call of duty to ensure you remain connected and functional as a business,” says Lubabalo Qoto, Chief Operating Officer at Accelerit.

Should you wish to find out more about high-speed Accelerit connectivity solutions and to check feasibility, you can reach them via

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