CompTIA keynote on state of technology set at SpiceWorld 2023

Downers Grove, Ill., 24 Aug 2023
Chief technology evangelist Dr James Stanger scheduled to speak on 7 September at “the hottest IT conference in the universe”.
Chief technology evangelist Dr James Stanger scheduled to speak on 7 September at “the hottest IT conference in the universe”.

Opportunities and obstacles in today’s technology environment are the focus of a keynote presentation at SpiceWorld 2023 by the chief technology evangelist for CompTIA, the nonprofit association for the IT industry and workforce.

Dr James Stanger is scheduled to speak at SpiceWorld on 7 September, the concluding day of the three-day conference that is expected to attract over 1 000 IT professionals and technology vendors to Austin, Texas.

In his presentation: “Beyond Cowboy IT: Proven Best Practices for Maturing Tech Today”, Stanger will share what he has learned in recent conversations with technologists and industry leaders around the world about today’s technology environment. He will also share highlights from new CompTIA research on why “strategic IT” is a business imperative.

“Artificial intelligence, automation and other innovations have the potential to deliver many benefits,” Stanger noted. “But too many companies are rushing forward without proper and thoughtful consideration of what they are trying to accomplish. The result for many is chaos and confusion – a wild, wild west of ‘cowboy IT'.”

Topics Stanger will address in his remarks include:

  • What CIOs and CISOs are saying about the root causes of today’s chaotic environment.
  • Dealing with “quiet cyber security quitters” in regulated and non-regulated environments.
  • The good, the bad and the ugly of using hybrid AI solutions.

“The lesson for every organisation is to thoroughly evaluate its unique situation, objectives and goals so they can balance the clever use of technology with mature, proven processes and move forward with confidence,” Stanger said.

Stanger’s keynote session is scheduled for 11am CT on 7 September. Now in its 16th year, SpiceWorld is presented by Spiceworks, the global marketplace that connects the technology industry.



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