ExtraHop joins Microsoft Intelligent Security Association

Local distributor Corr-Serve shares details of new integration with Microsoft Azure Sentinel.

Johannesburg, 22 Nov 2019
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ExtraHop, local leader in cloud-native network detection and response, has joined the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), which brings together an elite group of security-related companies partnering with Microsoft to defend against threats facing hybrid enterprises today.

Adding to the announcement, local distribution partner Corr-Serve also announced that ExtraHop is the first cloud-native network detection and response partner to offer in-depth integration with Azure Sentinel, enabling faster threat investigation and remediation.

“Through this integration, high-fidelity alerts from Reveal(x) can be used to automate responses based on an organisation's unique security policies,” said Wade Gomes, GM of Corr-Serve. “The integration also allows for the creation of customisable Jupyter Notebooks that security and development operations teams can use for threat hunting and investigation. Additionally, customers can now access Reveal(x) dashboards within Azure Sentinel for unified access to real-time threat analysis.”

Commenting on the company’s inclusion in MISA, Raja Mukerji, Chief Customer Officer and Co-founder at ExtraHop, said: "Through the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association and by integrating with solutions like Reveal(x), Microsoft is enabling the next frontier of cyber security."

Sarah Fender, Group Programme Manager, Microsoft Cloud + AI Security, added: "ExtraHop's integration with Azure Sentinel enables our mutual customers to do more. By connecting data, insights and automation workflows with ExtraHop's Reveal(x) network detection and response offering, Azure Sentinel customers benefit from extended visibility across their cloud networks, empowering their defenders to act quickly in response to threats."


Corr-Serve is an authorised distributor of intelligent IT solutions. We have hand-picked various niche software that provides leading edge business solutions to give businesses a correlated and accurate view of their IT landscape for better decision making.  We do this in the areas of cybersecurity, cloud migration, data extraction and interpretation, network performance management and monitoring and network discovery. www.corrserve.co.za


ExtraHop is the leading provider of cloud-native network detection and response for the hybrid enterprise. With complete visibility, real-time threat detections, and automated investigation powered by cloud-scale machine learning, ExtraHop enables security teams at leading enterprises including Credit Suisse, The Home Depot, Caesars Entertainment, and Liberty Global to rise above the noise of alerts, organizational silos, and runaway technology in order to accelerate investigations, unify policies across hybrid environments, and build their security the way they're building their business: cloud-first. To experience the power of ExtraHop, explore our interactive online demo or connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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