Local SA distributor adds another security string to its bow

Security portfolio expanded to include Rebasoft in exclusive sub-Saharan Africa agreement.

Johannesburg, 01 Jun 2021
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Home-grown SA distributor Corr-Serve has signed an agreement with UK-based Rebasoft to acquire the exclusive distribution rights for its network and perimeter security system in sub-Saharan Africa. Rebasoft offers support for key security controls through a single platform, enabling day-to-day security monitoring and supporting automation capabilities that rationalise overlapping monitoring systems.

Founded in 2009, and headquartered in Berkshire, UK, the company supplies organisations worldwide, including some of the Fortune Global 500. Since inception, Rebasoft’s mission has been to help organisations fend off current and future cyber threats while increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs.

There is a bewildering array of cyber security products available on the market, and many organisations can find them expensive, cumbersome and difficult to deploy. Rebasoft has been designed to provide a fresh approach to renovate existing security controls as well as reduce the number of security systems required to install and maintain.

“Traditional IT security usually relies on multiple, disconnected systems and a passive “check box” approach. But with modern, aggressive cyber security threats, this approach is no longer enough,” says Philip Harragan, CEO of Rebasoft. “Organisations need to move from outdated, defensive risk management to a more flexible, active stance on cyber resilience. This means constantly identifying any security ‘gaps’ within an IT infrastructure and proactively closing them.”

Harragan adds that no business can be 100% protected all the time. Constantly changing cyber security threats mean that security gaps will appear in any business. “In fact, the more your business relies on technology, the more gaps will appear,” he notes.

Under the terms of the new partnership, Corr-Serve will be exclusive distributor of the game-changing, network perimeter cyber security platform in South Africa and sub-Saharan countries, and is committed to growing the market for Rebasoft through its existing broad reseller base of niche security solutions partners.

Product Director of Corr-Serve, Mark van Vuuren, says: “We are very excited to add Rebasoft to our portfolio of leading-edge security solutions, not only for South Africa but for the continent. The opportunities presented by a platform that can produce immediate results and create cost savings is what our partners are looking for in the current market conditions.

“With the world having quickly adjusted to the realities of the ongoing global social and economic crisis as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, solutions that solve cyber security challenges and simultaneously enable compliance are without great opportunities for reseller and managed security service provider growth. Businesses are craving solutions that make their businesses safer, more compliant and simply less complex. All the while, they need to keep pace and adopt the right technologies that will help them continue to accelerate growth. We think Rebasoft is right for the market for these very reasons,” added Van Vuuren.

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