CIO job number one – bringing security, network ops together

More than two-thirds say collaboration is a challenge.

Johannesburg, 16 Mar 2020
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IT and security operations have worked in silos for decades. According to a recent study conducted by Forrester, 67% of IT leaders surveyed admitted that driving collaboration between the two groups is a challenge and that the widening gap makes resolving issues challenging.

In organisations that lack collaboration between security and IT, it can take nearly two weeks longer to patch IT vulnerabilities, according to the same study. CorrServe, an SA distributor of niche security and analytics solutions, says this delay puts companies at significant risk of being breached, or reputational damage and even crippling ransom demands.

If you say SNOC really fast in a less-than technical environment, you are likely to have a face-mask thrown at you in these COVID-19 times.

Wade Gomes, Country Manager of CorrServe, comments: “We recommend a SNOC to resolve this collaboration challenge. A SNOC is a security and network operations centre combined.

“With an integrated SNOC, we’re proving that there is a major improvement in the time it takes to detect, respond to and contain threats,” he adds.

Getting two historically siloed IT teams – security and network operations – to work together using and seeing the same data to gain insights across the full network sounds logical. Each team is usually monitoring and analysing in their own centre, and it takes time to share the common insights. By combining the two, major change can be seen in improved security across organisations.

“While security and network teams have traditionally been separate entities, each with their own culture, tools and processes, we’re seeing that the barriers between these two groups can stand in the way of a scalable, secure customer experience,” says Gomes.

Add to that the industry-wide shortage of skilled security staff and the increasing complexity of hybrid infrastructures, and it’s a “no-brainer” in Gomes’ view that closer collaboration between NetOps and SecOps is the roadmap to success.

If you’d like to learn more about this trend, or find out how you could set up your own SNOC, contact CorrServe at

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