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Johannesburg, 21 Sep 2023
Marius Cronje, CIO, AfriGIS.
Marius Cronje, CIO, AfriGIS.

In the digital era, businesses need more than just technology solutions and infrastructure, they need a cohesive strategy to handle projects from start to finish. Recognising this dual need, geospatial information science company AfriGIS has combined state-of-the-art infrastructure hosting with project management.

This offering ensures that businesses not only have a reliable digital platform to work from, but also a streamlined approach to manage their projects. Using the power of Amazon Web Services, AfriGIS provides a robust digital foundation for companies. On top of this, its specialist team layers project management tools and strategies, ensuring projects run smoothly, stay on schedule and meet business goals.

“Project management is the cornerstone of successful software development,” says Marius Cronje, CIO of AfriGIS. “It sets the groundwork for how to plan, carry out and oversee the process. Our project delivery framework sets clear objectives, keeps projects on schedule, encourages collaboration and open communication and prioritises client satisfaction.”

AfriGIS marries geospatial industry know-how with a multifaceted team. Each project is overseen by a certified project manager, a business analyst and a developer. A robust back-end system, complete with standardised architecture and a quality assurance team, ensures successful project delivery.

“Our people understand many different sectors and can offer advice and solutions that truly resonate with clients,” says Cronje. “Our infrastructure is cloud-based, scalable and designed to handle large data sets and intricate analytical tasks. We place a strong emphasis on data integration and compliance, ensuring data from different sources can be combined seamlessly while adhering to industry regulations. Our APIs enhance data integration and provide smooth access to geospatial data and its functionalities.”

This expertise has found applications in a wide array of sectors. In telecommunications, AfriGIS has helped to plan and expand networks using geospatial data and analysis, resulting in better network performance and enhanced customer satisfaction. Media companies have benefited from its location-based insights to tailor advertising, understand audiences and optimise event coverage.

Banks have leaned on their spatial data to make better decisions, ranging from risk assessment to fraud detection. AfriGIS’s line-of-sight analysis enables organisations to plan infrastructure projects, like pinpointing the best locations for cell towers or security checkpoints. Big companies, from retailers to real estate developers, have used these line-of-sight evaluations to pick prime locations, ensuring optimal visibility and accessibility.

Enterprise infrastructure hosting

AfriGIS’s infrastructure hosting service, targeted at bigger players in the market, ensures scalability, reliability, security and performance for critical applications and data. Using Amazon Web Services, these hosting solutions comprise advanced hardware, software and network components, resulting in a stable and resilient infrastructure foundation that supports complex IT requirements.

Robust security measures protect customer data and infrastructure and meet the demanding compliance requirements of numerous international industry standards and regulations.

“Our clients are getting a safe and secure infrastructure service based on business needs and able to scale up or down as required,” Cronje says. “This level of hosting and management allows our clients to focus on their core business activities and drive innovation instead of wasting resources on IT.



AfriGIS is the leading Geospatial Information Science company in Southern Africa that specialises in location-sensitive data and solutions. It provides customers across the board with a suite of web-based tools and APIs to connect to, enhance, and enrich their own data with location intelligence, insights, and trusted data. The organisation was founded in 1997 and celebrates more than 25 years in business. It is a level 1-certified broad-based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE) business, with more than 100 employees, in Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town in South Africa, Dublin in Ireland, and Dhaka in Bangladesh.

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