AfriNova Digital launches new product – digiToken

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Johannesburg, 30 Nov 2020
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AfriNova Digital has created a new product called digiToken. digiToken is an enterprise-grade safe omni-channel digital platform that brings convenience to our customers, where they can buy and pay for products/services on the app without the need of a bank account/card – especially suited to the unbanked and digitally excluded people in our townships. All you need to do is download the app, register, confirm your registration and then you are ready to start transacting! 

digiToken customers can pay for their municipal accounts, loans, traffic fines, DSTv, clothing and furniture accounts, and many more. They can also buy prepaid electricity (for Joburg, Tshwane, eThekwini, City of Cape Town, Mangaung and most municipalities across South Africa), water, airtime and data for all networks. We have 200+ services/products available! These services are available on the platform without leaving your home. According to Co-Founder Xolisa Vuza: “This is the perfect solution, creating convenience as people do not need to leave their homes to pay for monthly accounts like DStv, bank loans and funeral covers; buy airtime or electricity, which many still find very prevalent within the South African market, particularly in the townships and surrounding areas.”

Most of us find ourselves running out of prepaid electricity or water in the middle of the night, or spend money on transport to the CBD to go pay monthly accounts. digiToken is the answer and solution to this. The platform caters for the banked (with debit/credit cards); and definitely the unbanked, and supports the township economy. digiToken clients don’t need to have a bank account to take advantage of the services and products that are available on this digital platform. This is achieved by using the smart wallet system called digiWallet, that allows customers to buy any products available on digiToken. digiToken customers will soon be able to transfer money to other friends or family members in need, using the platform from the comfort of their homes. The app also saves the customer on service fees charged by the banks, and customers are not charged transaction fees when using the digiWallet to pay for electricity/airtime.

Positive customer impact

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is beneficial for people to practice social distancing, stay indoors and to rather transact online. digiToken offers a safe method and means for consumers who are still following traditional ways of purchasing prepaid electricity, water, airtime and data by physically visiting kiosks, garages or spaza shops. Customers can purchase these products/services in the comfort of their own homes.

New product – digiToken

With the current unemployment rate skyrocketing in South Africa, AfriNova Digital has found an innovative way to help and ease this challenge with the digiToken platform. The services available on the platform can be bought directly, or can be bought from someone else, using the same platform. digiToken supports various users – creating employment opportunities for consumers and small businesses as the agent and sub-agent.

Anyone who wants to sell digiToken products and services does not need to buy any infrastructure like printers, but they can start to operate sooner and without any hassle.

As part of responding to the call to create jobs in South Africa, we are excited to have launched our new #1000AgentJobs campaign. This initiative calls for our unemployed youth to be entrepreneurs and register as agents on digiToken. Imagine someone getting off a taxi in the township and walking to a stall to buy their veggies for dinner, and they also pay for their DStv or SABC licence at the same stall. This is empowerment and definitely brings convenience to our people in the townships.

Availability and accessibility

digiToken can be accessed through the app, from a web channel on your computer, laptop, or any device that runs Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome. digiToken also provides an app that can run on any android or iOS device to provide the much-needed convenience to the user. Because of our robust and scalable architecture, more channels such as WhatsApp, USSD, chatbots and keyword SMS will come next as the functionality of the platform is improved to provide you with the excellent service you deserve. 

AfriNova Digital founders:

AfriNova Digital was founded by Kagisho Dichabe and Xolisa Vuza. They have wealth of experience in the digital transformation space, coupled with solution, business and enterprise architecture expertise.

Kagisho Dichabe

Qualifications: Bachelors of Engineering (University of Pretoria)

Core skill: Business and journey architecture; entrepreneurship

Experience: Eighteen years consulting in banking and insurance business architecture, including a Chicago-based insurance firm. Some of the companies he started include engineering consulting, property development and skills and training management firms.

Xolisa Vuza

Qualifications: Master's degree in Computer Science (University of the Western Cape)

Core skill: Solution and technology architect; entrepreneurship

Experience: Fifteen years in technology implementation, including management consulting firm and Ex-Chief Technology Officer for a SAP implementation company.

For more information and contact details:

Company name: AfriNova Digital

Phone number: (+27) 011 065 9559



Twitter: @digi_Token

Facebook: @digiTokenSA

Instagram: @digiToken

digiToken is available on respective app stores for both Android and iOS devices. Search for digiToken on the app stores.