The importance of data

Johannesburg, 30 Jul 2015
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Data is important for the continuous operation and even, survival of any organisation. In fact, it is a crucial factor and should be considered a valuable asset in any operating organisation.

Any organisation that knows the value of accurate (quality) would appreciate that in order to turn it into meaningful information, it must reliable.

Poor quality data, redundant data and/or lost data can cost any organisation immense losses should it be relied on in decision-making process or for financial purposes. With the above, all organisations therefore, must have a proper data management strategy in place.

AppConverge's data management strategy solution comprises the following key elements:

* Data Collection - collecting and cleansing data;
* Data Storage - where and how you want to store your data;
* Data Archive - how and what to place in long-term storage based on business requirements;
* Data Governance, Risk and Security - restriction of unauthorized data access and data risks; and
* Data Accessibility - data analytics.

Its data warehouse experts provide analytical skills and in-depth understanding of industry and business key performance indicators and analytical applications that can assist your organisation in achieving the data management strategy goal.

AppConverge's observation is that most projects neglect or overlook the importance of data quality and also having a proper data management strategy. Let us first look at the below business scenarios:

* A business implements a new technology system and needs to migrate data from an old system to a new system or,
* has an existing system that processes huge amounts of data on a daily basis and struggles with performance or,
* has an unstructured data warehouse or,
* wants to archive data into a data warehouse that is no longer in use and would like to keep history for auditing purposes or,
* wants to migrate data into a data warehouse for historical and comparison reporting purposes.

The above-mentioned scenarios indicate activities relating to data. Like any other project that needs to comply with a project life-cycle methodology, data also has its own data life-cycle methodology.

AppConverge is a data experts. Let it help you manage your data and advise you on data cleansing and migration solutions in your project implementations. Let it help you build a solid data management strategy that will give instant results in improving decision-making processes, identify new opportunities and identifying risks and issues in your company.

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