Uptake in automated dimensioning systems as e-commerce expands

Johannesburg, 01 Jun 2020
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As e-commerce ramps up in South Africa due to lockdown, Bidvest Mobility, a leader in mobile computing and bar coding solutions, has experienced an uptake in the demand for automated dimensioning systems for inbound and outbound shipping operations.

According to Luke Dunstan, Executive Head of Sales at Bidvest Mobility, enterprises are digitising their businesses to trade online. “We’ve had an increase in inquiries from transport and logistics, warehousing and other enterprises wanting to automate dimensioning and reduce manual methods and associated costly errors.”

Bidvest Mobility provides the Parcelcube range of dimensioning systems for inbound (receiving) and outbound logistics (shipping) that is cost-effective, easy to set up and use.

“By automating dimensioning, operations can boost productivity by tenfold, and with the click of a button can capture and transfer data quickly,” says Dunstan. “You simply place the product on the scale, press ‘enter’, or scan a bar code to capture the dimensions and weight. The data is captured in less than one second, accurately and efficiently.”

There are three affordable dimensioning products in the Parcelcube range for different applications, which can be linked to backend software systems.

Bidvest Mobility

Bidvest Mobility, part of the Bidvest Group, has years of expertise in providing mobile computing and barcoding solutions that harness the power of mobile technologies to meet the most demanding business challenges whilst driving transformation throughout the supply chain.

By combining the best-in-class enterprise mobility components – the right mobility platform, application software, mobile technologies and a range of support services - Bidvest Mobility ensures seamless planning, development, integration, implementation and management of mobile applications to world-class standards. Their solutions are deployed across the supply chains of leading FMCG, retail, transport & logistics and industrial companies throughout South Africa.

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