• 15.
    A new women's forum at Altron BMS has been tasked with formulating innovative retail solutions to enhance customer experience, says Shahana Jooma, Channel Manager at Altron BMS and forum co-ordinator.
  • 01.
    Corporates are reassessing the size of their workplaces to save costs and accommodate new working trends, where shared space and remote work are key.


  • 25.
    Altron BMS has been accredited to install NCR self-checkout terminals at retailers, so customers can scan their items at self-service tills.



  • 15.
    Projects are complex, with many different parts that need to be managed – people, most of all, says Charl Bruwer, programme manager at Altron Bytes Managed Solutions.
  • 08.
    Is your business all about the customer experience but neglecting the employee experience?



  • 23.
    Sumeshan Ramsamy started out as a learnership programme candidate and is now the youngest regional service manager Altron Bytes MS has ever had.


  • 15.
    At an awards ceremony in the US, Altron Bytes Managed Solutions was the recipient of NCR's "Service Partner Award", primarily recognised as "Service Provider of the Year".
  • 13.
    The age of the bot
    Bennie van Rensburg, senior business optimisation manager at Altron Bytes Managed Solutions, provides an inside look at the development of the company's Botler chatbot.