SIP Print by CallCabinet delivers scalable, PBX-agnostic call recording solution

Johannesburg, 26 Jun 2020
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SIP Print by CallCabinet, a pioneer in SIP and VOIP call recording solutions, announced today the release of its affordable, all-in-one, on-premises call recording solution, SIP Print by CallCabinet. SIP Print combines easy application availability with secure, premises-based call recording to deliver one of the only enterprise-class solutions of its kind. With award-winning Atmos at its core, CallCabinet redesigned the SIP Print platform to service an immense number of customer situations with an unparalleled solution.

"The SIP Print by CallCabinet on-premises solution offers so much more than a simple audit trail of your call recordings," stated CallCabinet Marketing and Sales Director, Matthew Balcomb. "Our new SIP Print by CallCabinet solution allows users to elevate their compliance practices, improve customer experience and rapidly respond to disputes."

SIP Print by CallCabinet provides businesses of all sizes enterprise-level security, call recording and industry compliance on a global scale. SIP Print records SIP trunks and standard SIP protocol extensions from any PBX, and call recordings are stored on the premises-based hardware and can be easily backed up to any secondary location.

Balcomb continued: “We’re delivering the ideal solution to customers who prefer traditional on-premises call recording. Immediately following our acquisition of SIP Print, the CallCabinet development team spent months revamping the SIP Print product and integrating with its existing world-class products to produce the most flexible on-premises call recording platform.”

Learn more about how SIP Print by CallCabinet’s on-premises solution provides small and medium-sized businesses with enterprise-class call recording at a fraction of the cost. Schedule a demo today by e-mailing

SIP Print by CallCabinet

SIP Print(now “SIP Print by CallCabinet”), a pioneer in the SIP and VoIP call recording industry joined the CallCabinet product family in August 2019. SIP Print by CallCabinet is redefining the SIP/VoIP call recording industry with affordable, on-premise systems custom-designed for small and medium-sized businesses. SIP Print’s on-premise appliances offer easy installation, simple maintenance and operation, and scalability to support the expansion of growing SMBs. SIP Print by CallCabinet is easily integrated with any phone system or PBX. The company's on-premise SIP call recording system offers secure, compliant call recording, and is available through distributors, resellers, and OEMs worldwide. To discover the power and simplicity of SIP Print, please contact us on

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