CallCabinet releases compliant cloud‐based mobile call recording solution to capture inbound, outbound calls directly from cellular operator networks

Johannesburg, 15 Apr 2020
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CallCabinet, the leading global provider of affordable cloud-native call recording solutions, announced today the release of its secure, on-network mobile call recording platform. The Atmos network uniquely eliminates the need for on-device recording apps, allowing organisations to securely control mobile call recordings and prevent user deletion and compliance breaches.

“Cellphones are becoming the lifeblood of modern commerce, but securely recording countless, independent mobile devices has been impossible until now.” stated Matthew Balcomb, CallCabinet Marketing and Sales Director. 

“We’re excited to provide businesses with a seamless recording platform for their growing remote agent workforces.”

Until now, organisations typically struggled with the complexities of recording mobile calls. To complicate matters, any recorded mobile voice data recorded on-device is vulnerable to attack. Atmos’s on-network mobile call recording solution resolves these issues by capturing mobile calls directly inside the carrier network. This allows enterprises to not only compliantly record and secure mobile call data, but also to process those calls through Atmos’s enhanced benefits: AI-powered speech analytics, PCI redaction, and QA. With Atmos, no customer calls to or from your agents, either at a desk or in the field, will be unsecured, non-compliant, or unanalysed.

“Atmos’s on-network mobile recording solution is an industry game-changer. It’s an easily deployed, powerful solution for enterprises with a large mobile workforce.” stated Balcomb. In addition, he stated, “Atmos eliminates the need for user training, additional hardware, and telephony infrastructure upgrades because the solution is deployed inside your mobile carrier’s network.”

CallCabinet is the leading global provider of affordable, cloud-native call recording solutions. The Atmos platform is offered as a subscription service which provides users the flexibility to pay-as-they-grow, with the ability to add advanced features as needed with the simple click of a button.

To learn more about CallCabinet Atmos and how it works for carriers, resellers and end-users alike, schedule a free demo today at

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