Get into the driving seat of your own destiny with the chance to win a BMW Z4

Become a CM Trading Business Referrer, bring in at least five clients who deposit from $250 upwards for the duration of the competition, and stand to win.

Johannesburg, 05 Jun 2019
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Daniel Kibel, director and founder of CM Trading
Daniel Kibel, director and founder of CM Trading

High performance, outstanding technology, German precision and the true sensation of motor sports can be summed up in three simple letters – BMW. The name alone is enough to send a tingle down your spine and conjure up visions of fast lane, top down, wind in your hair low flying. James Bond preferred it shaken and not stirred in a Z8; Ethan Hunt took on 'Mission Impossible' in an i8; and Dominic Toretto was 'Fast and Furious' in an M5… From envy-inducing movies to global motorways, a BMW always has been and always will be the coveted holy grail for any hot-blooded up-and-comer.

Now, the opportunity is on hand for you to join the lust-worthy list of Beemer drivers with your very own incredible BMW Z4. Yes, a stylish BMW Z4 is the prize. So, what exactly is the initiative and how can you participate?

It’s simple really. CM Trading, an award-winning online trading company with a reputation for out-of-the-box approach to investment opportunities, will be handing over the keys to this magnificent machine to one lucky Business Referrer. It is important to keep in mind that no special training is required for one to become a Business Referrer, anyone can become one. All you need to do to qualify as one is to bring in a minimum of five clients who deposit from $250 upwards for the duration of the competition. Whether you are a current CM Trading Business Referrer or are new to trading, the opportunity to be a part of an unprecedented campaign, allowing all Business Referrers who introduce new clients to the world of online trading the chance to win a stunning BMW Z4 is yours. There has never been a more opportune time to be in the driving seat of your own destiny.

Once five new clients have been brought in, the Business Referrer will be given one ticket into the draw for each client, and chances are exponentially increased with additional tickets for each $250 deposited. Essentially, those in the running for the ultimate prize need to keep their hands firmly on the wheel and navigate the route right up until the checkered flag is waved with a passion and drive equal to that of iconic motorsport winners. But, put your pedal to the metal, because the competition closes at the end of July.

Experiencing the thrill of owning the ultimate driving machine is well within the reach of one and all. Most of us believe that in order to effectively trade or become a successful Business Referrer, you need to be an expert with a large sum of investment capital. But CM Trading’s goal is to make each and every one of its traders fulfil their full potential and trade like a pro with the development of new and unique software solutions, Webinars, training videos and e-books, all for free. “It is important to understand that anyone can become a trader through our unique website and easy-to-use and understand portals,” says Daniel Kibel, director and founder of CM Trading. “You don’t have to be a trading genius or have years of experience as a stockbroker – we have created the platform to allow you to do it yourself.”

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CM Trading

Since its establishment in 2012 CM Trading has built up a reputation for being able to answer its clients’ needs either personally, with the development of new and unique software solutions, or by providing webinars, training videos, technical analysis and e-books – all for free. CM Trading’s aim is to make sure your individual trading goals are met in a responsible way.

Offering a transparent trading environment to the retail market, CM Trading offers many services including:

  • Guardian Angel – an intelligent automated trading assistant that encourages responsible trading
  • Copy Kat – a social trading platform that allows traders to see what other traders are doing and then follow them/copy them as they see fit
  • Trading Central – this is a leading market analysis website from which clients can glean information to help make informed decisions
  • Live market summary
  • Web trader

An FSB-regulated company, CM Trading offers the best trading experience both locally and internationally and is a source of information and a conduit to successful trading on any and all trading platforms including: Forex Trading, CFD Trading, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Indices Trading, Commodities Trading and Currency Trading.

For more information on CM Trading please visit their website, or contact them on +27 10 500 80 26 or via email . You can also follow them on Twitter @CMTrading_FX and Facebook @CapitalMarketsTrading

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