Datacentrix retains level one B-BBEE rating for seventh year, celebrates continued transformation

Johannesburg, 15 Nov 2023
Kenny Nkosi, Datacentrix’s Divisional Managing Director: Public Sector and Commercial Sales and Chairperson of the Employment Equity Committee.
Kenny Nkosi, Datacentrix’s Divisional Managing Director: Public Sector and Commercial Sales and Chairperson of the Employment Equity Committee.

Datacentrix, which positions itself as a leading hybrid ICT systems integrator and managed services provider, is pleased to announce it has maintained its level one broad-based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE) rating for the seventh consecutive year, achieving a total score of just over 127 out of a possible 130 points on its most recent scorecard – one of the highest for the local industry.

According to Datacentrix Chief Financial and Risk Officer, Elizabeth Naidoo, the organisation's consistent approach to transformation has been a critical factor in this achievement. “For Datacentrix, the topic of transformation – and sustained transformation most importantly – is very close to our hearts.

Kenny Nkosi, Datacentrix’s Divisional Managing Director: Public Sector and Commercial Sales and Chairperson of the Employment Equity Committee, says: “Based on our current economic climate, the only way that we will be able to build South Africa into the powerhouse it has the potential to be is to ensure that this type of positive change is ongoing. And this is through sustained efforts around creating direct employment opportunities, supporting the growth of smaller local businesses, enabling the training and mentoring of individuals, building employment equity and more.”

Nkosi notes with pride that the engagement of SME partners is an important accomplishment for Datacentrix. “Datacentrix has engaged with many SMEs over time, with some partnerships spanning more than 20 years. We have seen several partners transform from exempted micro enterprises (EMEs) to qualifying small enterprises (QSEs) – or even generic entities with revenue exceeding R50 million per year in some cases – which is a significant achievement in terms of business growth.

“Most of these companies have successfully navigated a path that has allowed them to grow in both revenue and staff complement. As an excellent example, one of our SME partners that has engaged with Datacentrix since 2008 has grown their revenue by approximately 295% over the past 15 years. This type of development is vital to stimulating South Africa's economy and ensuring that it grows and thrives.”

When it comes to skills development, Datacentrix has shown long-term commitment to supporting learners and graduates. The organisation established its learnership and internship programmes in 2008, welcoming hundreds of learners and graduate interns into the programmes with the aim of combining theoretical knowledge with on-the-job skills training. Most recently, the company instituted a bursary scheme with Wits University, and has already seen two of its graduates join the workforce to start their formal workplace training.

Datacentrix spent over R8 million on training during the past financial year, a praiseworthy achievement in upskilling initiatives, adds Naidoo. Datacentrix continues to prioritise skills development in pursuit of its educational transformation goals.

Nkosi further points out that: “Employment equity is another area on which Datacentrix has been assiduously focused over time, and our positive work here is apparent. Our most recent B-BBEE verification certificate shows employment equity of 70%, indicating significant progress in this area since our 59% score in 2020.”

“Datacentrix has long recognised the importance of levelling the playing field and reducing inequality within the workplace, and so has placed long-term commitment to its development initiatives,” Naidoo concludes.

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