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Datacentrix fortifies security offering with increasing focus on cloud, app protection

Johannesburg, 03 Jun 2022
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Hybrid IT systems integrator and managed services provider Datacentrix has further enhanced its comprehensive security solutions offering to help protect local businesses moving into the cloud and embracing remote working.

Says Shawn Gradwell, Solutions Architect at eNetworks, a Datacentrix company: “We’ve seen massive growth globally in ransomware and ransom distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack campaigns over the past year that have interrupted aspects of critical infrastructure around the world. In fact, the second half of the year in 2021 recorded a growing swarm of one of the most powerful botnets deployed, and record-breaking DDOS attacks.

“From a local perspective, there’s no doubt that cyber attacks will continue to put public and private businesses at risk unless addressed. And, as more infrastructure is digitised and remote workforces become standard, both the benefits and the threat landscape will increase.”

In line with these changing cyber security trends, Datacentrix has built a strong partnership with Cloudflare, the security, performance and reliability company that is helping to build a better internet. Datacentrix was recently appointed as a Cloudflare Managed Services Partner within the Sub-Saharan African region and is proud of becoming a meaningful contributor to the organisation’s local business.

“Cloudflare’s cloud-based, services-focused offering provides optimised security and connectivity, helping to keep attacks away from your infrastructure,” Gradwell continues. “It offers a comprehensive cloud-based network and application protection against internet-borne threats, including DDOS protection, web application firewall (WAF), DNS, computer network defence (CND), secure access service edge (SASE), zero trust, software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN) and more, all via one platform.

“These solutions fit well with Datacentrix’s emphasis on managed services, ensuring that our customers are able to free up their time to concentrate on growing their businesses,” he explains.

“Datacentrix is pleased to be acknowledged as a managed services partner. Our next step over the year ahead will be to add ‘white glove’ service delivery to our partnership, with the aim of becoming the de factoservice delivery partner for Cloudflare within the sub-Saharan region,” adds Gradwell. 

“Datacentrix’s appointment as a Managed Services Partner for Sub-Saharan Africa certifies their consulting capability and delivery of our security, reliability and performance solutions with a broad range of value-added and managed services,” states Mohamed Zerri, Channel Manager for Middle East, Turkey and Sub-Saharan Africa Region at Cloudflare.

“Datacentrix’s established footprint within the territory, and its reputation as a trusted hybrid IT systems integrator and managed services provider were important considerations in the company’s partnership appointment. We look forward to working together to build a better internet and deliver true value to customers within this region.”

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