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Datacentrix bolsters collaboration with IBM by deepening competencies in data management and integration skills

Johannesburg, 14 Jun 2021
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Ahmed Mahomed, CEO at Datacentrix.
Ahmed Mahomed, CEO at Datacentrix.

The Digital Business Solutions division at Datacentrix, an IBM PartnerWorld participant, announced today it is bolstering its IBM certifications. This recognises that Datacentrix demonstrated technical proficiency and expertise in delivering high-value hybrid cloud and AI solutions and services to customers. The company matured from a reseller of IBM technology towards that of a hybrid cloud and data AI solution provider.

Datacentrix’s Digital Business Solutions division will now gain critical expertise in working across open hybrid cloud environments infused with AI through new certifications in IBM Cloud Pak for Data, a fully integrated data and artificial intelligence (AI) platform that modernises how businesses collect, organise and analyse data to infuse AI throughout their organisations.

“Datacentrix enables organisations to unlock the maximum value of their data by employing a hybrid IT strategy. The blueprint applies our data management, integration, automation and optimisation expertise, while leveraging a mature catalogue of hosting, connectivity and security services to create a forward-looking strategy that is uniquely developed for each client,” comments Datacentrix CEO Ahmed Mahomed.

In line with this, Datacentrix has added a number of senior resources to both the Digital Business Solutions division and the Hybrid IT business to increase its existing data and AI expertise.

Says Shakeel Jhazbhay, General Manager of Digital Business Solutions at Datacentrix: “The key to developing a roadmap to digital transformation involves addressing unique business priorities and building capabilities that deliver the right outcomes. These certifications provide our team with a complete set of integration capabilities that supports organisations to becoming data-driven. By connecting applications and data securely wherever they reside, we’re able to provide business insight through a single view, enabling a smarter, safer and more effective digital business.

“These achievements not only intensify our relationship with IBM and elevate the digital transformation power of Datacentrix, but they go a long way in solidifying Datacentrix as a strategic business partner,” Jhazbhay adds.

Datacentrix is recognised as an IBM partner in IBM Storage, IBM Power Systems and IBM Security solutions, as well as for a range of additional IBM offerings. In 2020, Datacentrix introduced a virtual competency centre, connecting clients directly with solution experts from both Datacentrix and IBM.

“Datacentrix uses the IBM Security portfolio both in the management of their SOC and in a number of security offerings they provide to their clients,” explains Craig Holmes, Technology Executive, IBM Southern Africa.

He adds: “Datacentrix intends to build hybrid cloud, data and automation solutions, allowing the business to modernise, build, deploy and manage applications on-premises or in private cloud or public cloud environments.This approach provides customers the ultimate choice in how and where they want to run their application workloads, leveraging data and automation opportunities secured across all environments.”

“IBM is hyper-focused on advancing its open hybrid cloud and AI technologies to help partners and their customers modernise and capture the $1 trillion market opportunity,” said David La Rose, General Manager, IBM Global Sales, Partner Ecosystem. “By enabling partners to gain critical expertise in working across open hybrid cloud environments infused with AI, we’re helping to accelerate their growth.”

Competencies are created by IBM PartnerWorld to help customers identify the partners with deep technical proficiency and expertise in delivering high-value solutions and services in open hybrid cloud and AI. 

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