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Johannesburg, 06 Apr 2020
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Times are changing and so is the way we work. Digital document collaboration is a cost-effective and efficient way to streamline workflows and reduce legacy systems and outdated procedures.

Digitising document processes can turn things around – removing the need for paper-based processes that are costly and time-consuming. Adobe Sign drives business forward faster by reducing barriers that result from traditional document-signing processes. The cloud-based, enterprise-class e-signature service lets you replace paper and ink signature processes with fully automated and legal e-signature workflows.

When you consider how much legacy processes and procedures are slowing business down, the benefits become clear – Total Economic Impact of Adobe Sign. Eighty percent of businesses still struggle with paper-based processes that are slow, error-prone and fragmented. People spend countless hours hunting down approvals and ink signatures — and then print, scan, fax or mail documents to get the job done.

Implementing Adobe Sign has multiple benefits for businesses:

  • Customer and employee experience: All digital workflows that include fillable PDFs with e-signatures are easy to complete and process.
  • Increased security: Add password, redact information and track documents.
  • Maximise efficiency and productivity: Automate workflows and integration with systems to eliminate delays.
  • Reduce legal and compliance risks: E-signatures are legally binding, trusted and enforceable in South Africa. Adobe Sign complies with the broadest range of legal requirements
  • Reduce costs: Reduce the paper, printing, postage costs of physical documents.
  • Increase visibility and ‘auditability’: Get status updates, OTP options and tracking for document sending and signing.

Are you ready to shred the paper, toss the pen and move into the world of digital document processes and e-signatures? Dax Data is a key Adobe distributor for Sub-Saharan Africa - contact us to find out how you can get started!

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