Adobe Firefly uses generative AI to facilitate new creative expression

Johannesburg, 19 May 2023

Over more than 10 years, Adobe has delivered hundreds of AI-driven features through Adobe Sensei, an AI and machine learning framework. Features like Auto Reframe and Remix in Premiere Pro and Content Aware Fill for Video in After Effects are already helping video and audio professionals around the world create stunning content at high velocity, says Dax Data.

“We are entering a new era where generative AI will enable a natural conversation between creator and computer – where typing in your own words and simple gestures will combine with the best of professional creative application workflows to enable new creative expression,” says Dominic Richardson, CEO of local Adobe distributor Dax Data.

Adobe wants creating with their products to feel like dreaming with your eyes open – enter Firefly. Firefly gives designers the capability to merge the best of application workflows with the best of generative AI. It will enable creators to modify a video or cut an audio track simply by describing a desired mood. It will allow designers the ability to both create and transform audio, video, illustrations and 3D models using text prompts in the same way that ChatGPT does. Because of generative AI, the conversation between creator and computer will transform into something more natural, intuitive and powerful in the years ahead.

The first Firefly model focuses on the creation of images and text effects. It is particularly valuable to those seeking to generate content for commercial use because it is trained on hundreds of millions of professional-grade, licensed images in Adobe Stock along with openly licensed content and public domain content where the copyright has expired. They’ve augmented the model with a powerful style engine, to help you explore the generative capabilities and create photos, art, graphics and text effects with impressive style, colour, tone, lighting and composition controls. Everything is designed, from the ground up, to be embeddable into your existing workflows across Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Document Cloud. Adobe is also planning to make Firefly available via APIs on various platforms to enable customers to integrate into custom workflows and automations.

Supercharge your video production workflows

We are truly in the golden age of video – short-form video is ubiquitous in news, social media and entertainment. And, insatiable demand, multiplying channels and globally distributed teams make it extra challenging to scale the production of high-quality creative work efficiently.

With Firefly as a creative co-pilot, you can supercharge your discovery and ideation processes and cut post-production time from days to minutes. And with generative AI integrated directly into your workflows, these powerful new capabilities will be right at your fingertips. Imagine the power to instantly change the time of day of a video, automatically annotate and find relevant B-roll or create limitless variations of clips – all as a starting point of your creativity.

Adobe is exploring a range of concepts, including:

  • Text to colour enhancements: Change colour schemes, time of day or even the seasons in already-recorded videos, instantly altering the mood and setting to evoke a specific tone and feel. With a simple prompt like: “Make this scene feel warm and inviting,” the time between imagination and final product can all but disappear.
  • Advanced music and sound effects: Creators can easily generate royalty-free custom sounds and music to reflect a certain feeling or scene for both temporary and final tracks.
  • Stunning fonts, text effects, graphics and logos: With a few simple words and in a matter of minutes, creators can generate subtitles, logos and title cards and custom contextual animations.
  • Powerful script and B-roll capabilities: Creators can dramatically accelerate pre-production, production and post-production workflows using AI analysis of script to text to automatically create storyboards and pre-visualisations, as well as recommending B-roll clips for rough or final cuts.
  • Creative assistants and co-pilots: With personalised generative AI-powered “how-tos”, users can master new skills and accelerate processes from initial vision to creation and editing.

Unlocking the power of creativity with vectors

When graphic designers and artists want to create vector art – unique, beautiful content with clean lines and shapes that can later be scaled to any size – they turn to Adobe Illustrator, the world’s leading vector-based drawing tool. Today, they are building on over 35 years of development experience and user feedback to expand Illustrators' capabilities with generative AI.

Vector recolouring in the Firefly beta now enables you to:

  • Enter detailed text descriptions to generate colours and colour palette variations in seconds;
  • Use a drop-down menu to generate different vector styles that fit your creative needs; and
  • Gain creative assistance and inspiration by quickly generating colour options that bring your visions to life in an instant.

As a line-based alternative to pixel art, vector art can be used for many purposes – website designs that adjust to different resolutions; artwork suitable for layouts larger than printed pages, including billboards and vehicle wraps; and motion graphics with easy SVG asset animation capabilities.

Firefly’s new vector tools expand your creative capabilities and speed up time-consuming tasks. You will be able to quickly generate colour renditions across different formats, create vector variations for dark and light modes on UI interfaces and more.

You can also use these tools to rapidly recolour artwork based on client or customer feedback, adhere to brand requirements, create social media graphics, develop company logos, generate poster designs and composite in Adobe Photoshop. These tasks will now take only minutes or seconds, drastically saving you time and costs.

Firefly is now available in beta (try it out). Experiment, imagine and explore an infinite range of concepts with your favourite Creative Cloud applications. Contact Dax Data to get more information on the licensing options that are available to your creative teams.