Dax Data presents the future of Adobe’s creative tools

Magical AI-powered innovations of the future include creating dynamic videos from static images, turning amateur audio recordings into professional ones, enriching artwork and more.

Johannesburg, 11 Dec 2019
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As a proud Adobe distributor for southern Africa, our team at Dax Data count down the days leading up to Adobe MAX in anticipation of all the new releases and product updates. The 2020 Creative Cloud releases did not disappoint, but we are equally excited about some of the incredible innovations presented at Adobe MAX Sneaks.

Adobe MAX Sneaks is one of the most anticipated events at the conference as it gives attendees an exclusive "sneak peek" into potential future technology. Here are this year’s MAX Sneaks:

#AllinSneak — Powered by Adobe Sensei

When taking group photos, people usually take turns as the photographer, so one person is always missing from the photo. Powered by Adobe Sensei, Project All In eliminates the need for a tripod and a timer by automatically identifying and adding missing people so that no one gets left out.

#ProjectSoundSeek — Powered by Adobe Sensei

Content creators are constantly looking for specific sounds that occur multiple times in audio recordings. Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply select a couple of target sound examples, and have a machine find the rest? Boom.

#SweetTalkSneak — Powered by Adobe Sensei

From still to in-motion, Project Sweet Talk creates dynamic videos from static images. The possibilities are endless: animate drawings from centuries ago, random sketches, 2D cartoon characters, Japanese mangas, stylised caricatures, and casual photos.


Creating an augmented reality (AR) application today requires heavy technical expertise. Project Pronto combines the benefits of both video prototyping and AR authoring into a cohesive system that allows non-technical designers to rapidly express AR design ideas.

#ImageTango — Powered by Adobe Sensei

Whether used as an inspirational tool for designers or to bring sketches to life, Project Image Tango mixes two assets to create a new image that has the detailed shape of one and the intricate texture of the other.


In today’s digital world, animated texts are used everywhere. While popular, the process of converting text to animated keyframes is tedious and tiring. Project Fantastic Fonts provides predefined effects so that a previously exhausting task is now quick and painless.

#GoFigureSneak— Powered by Adobe Sensei

The ability to track a person is critical for editors as they produce videos, but it’s not easy. Project Go Figure makes it possible to track using skeletons and contours, enabling smooth and robust tracking even in a crowded scene.

#LightRightSneak — Powered by Adobe Sensei

Relighting outdoor videos and images has long remained beyond the reach of the casual photographer, especially when it comes to large-scale outdoor scenes, where controlling the lighting is close to impossible. Project Light Right quickly solves the challenge with 3D scene geometry.

#ProjectAwesomeAudio — Powered by Adobe Sensei

Project Awesome Audio enhances amateur audio recordings and turns them into professional-sounding recordings with the click of a button. The technology helps with enhancements such as denoising, dereverbing, equalisation and environment matching, so that you can take your audio to the next level.


Project Glowstick is a plug-in that allows people to enrich their artwork by “painting with light” in Adobe Illustrator. The integration of simple 2D path tracers might just open up a whole new area of 2D illustrations.

#ProjectAboutFace — Powered by Adobe Sensei

The Face-aware Liquify tool automatically detects facial features and helps you adjust them to enhance a portrait or add a creative character to a fun shot. Project About Face allows you to identify and undo these adjustments to revert to the original image.

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