Adobe Connect gets sleek new user interface and more in latest update

Johannesburg, 30 Sep 2020
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The new Adobe Connect is out now! Adobe Connect 11, which started rolling out to customers this month, brings a much anticipated, new user experience to hosts, presenters and participants. This new experience is available in our HTML client using any modern browser as well as a brand new Windows application for Adobe Connect. In addition to the new interface, Adobe has also added new features which improve accessibility as well as additional controls for hosts.

“Adobe Connect 11 is the start of a new era for Adobe Connect, with HTML5 at its core instead of Flash. This new version has revamped and enhanced what was already an incredibly robust and functional e-learning, webinar and virtual meeting solution,” says Jeremy Matthews, CEO of Dax Data. The Africa-based value-added software solutions distributor has a dedicated business unit focused on e-learning content and delivery solutions.

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New user experience

Adobe has created a new, modern and functional user interface that still incorporates the soul of the ‘classic’ user interface. The menus have been simplified, creating an experience that is faster and more accessible. Moving to this new architecture also means that creating custom pods for Adobe Connect is now much easier.

Enhanced host controls

Adobe has enhanced some of the features that make Adobe Connect great. Two of the biggest examples are what we’ve done with Breakout Rooms and the Layouts panel.

Persistent breakout rooms in Adobe Connect mean that instructors can set up and customise rooms days or weeks in advance. Adobe Connect has improved breakout rooms with two new features:

  • Hosts can now name their breakout rooms.
  • A new rotate button enables hosts to rotate groups to the next breakout room.

Layouts are a fundamental part of the Adobe Connect experience. They can be used to structure a session – like a live storyboard – or as a way to incorporate multiple use cases into a single room. Adobe Connect 11 makes it easier than ever to manage your layouts with a new Manage Layouts view for the panel. A new option to Lock Layouts is available in the layouts menu – ensuring that pods and layouts cannot be moved or resized.

More inclusive and accessible

  • Directly upload presenter content.
  • Supports MP4 videos with multiple audio tracks.
  • Supports multiple subtitle tracks.
  • Supports screen readers such as JAWS or VoiceOver.
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