How to become a Google Cloud reseller through Digicloud Africa

Johannesburg, 02 Oct 2019
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Becoming a basic Google Cloud indirect reseller is a simple process:

Once an online simple application form has been submitted and the non-disclosure agreement signed, Digicloud will embark on a due diligence process to validate the company to become a Google Cloud indirect reseller.

The company will be required to submit a three-page business plan and various supporting documents to facilitate this validation process. Once the company validation process is complete, a commercial agreement is provided for review and signature. This commercial agreement is one of the final steps in becoming Google Cloud indirect reseller.

Credentialling requirements

You’ve signed the commercial agreement; where to from here?

Depending on the products you choose to sell, there are various credentialling requirements.  At a minimum, you would need to complete two sales credentials and two technical credentials before being authorised to sell. You have between 30 and 90 days from when you sign the commercial agreement to obtain these credentials. Following this, the process will be finalised and you will be able to start selling Google Cloud products and services.

As a credentialled indirect reseller, you can now sell Google Cloud products and services to your customers. But you have big plans, now what?

Road to specialisation

A key requirement of Digicloud is that its resellers continuously upskill themselves by regularly completing additional technical credentials. This will assist resellers in the process of becoming specialised. Specialisation is the highest level of technical designation that a reseller can achieve and provides the end-customer with qualified resellers that have demonstrated their technical proficiency and proven success in specialised solution and service areas.

Digicloud’s goal is to create an ecosystem of specialised resellers. This not only assists the end-customer, but also benefits resellers. Should a customer require services requiring multiple specialisations, rather than losing out on the business, a reseller can call on one of Digicloud’s experts to work with them to provide the customer with a complete solution.

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