White paper: Digitalisation doesn’t have to be all or nothing

Johannesburg, 08 Oct 2019
Read time 50sec

One would be hard-pressed to find a distribution executive who doesn’t agree that the future of their industry is digital. Business-to-business distributors have long been behind the times when it comes to technology innovation – and slow to adopt it.

Nonetheless, distributors have gradually been implementing or upgrading software and business tools and hiring more tech-savvy employees to increase the digital element of their culture. As a result, both their customer-facing operations and back-end functions are becoming more efficient.

Many leading distribution companies fully embraced going digital years ago and are now in a great position to match or exceed today’s rapidly changing business climate and the buying habits of customers. Still, many other distributors – especially those that are small to midsize or family-operated for generations – are lagging behind and struggling to make the digital transition. This white paper will explore the journey to digitalisation.