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It's time for leaders to really know their business through e-SEK's revolutionary CEO Dashboard, a strategic execution management tool.

Johannesburg, 20 Mar 2019
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Modern large enterprises are ever more demanding on their leaders to plan, execute and enforce good governance. For many CEOs, this falls under managing their King IV governance requirements, while public sector leaders also have to manage around the Public Financing Management Act and, on local levels, the Municipal Systems Act.

Accomplishing this requires visibility of the enterprise's people, projects and processes. It's also an imperative for devising strategy, and timely measurement of execution and performance.

To meet the building demand for running organisations effectively, e-SEK has developed the CEO Dashboard, a broad-impact strategic execution management tool that is greatly improving how modern organisations plan and thrive.

All-seeing CEO

Modern technology is creating a revolutionary information culture. Insight is much more accessible, not to mention affordable. Whereas companies of the past could, in theory, create deep information systems that kept their leaders informed, those were technically daunting, fiscally draining, and rarely successful.

But that was before the advent of data culture, high-speed connectivity and platform services. Through these, CEOs are able to access a tool that they have never seen before: the CEO Dashboard, a strategic execution management service from e-SEK.

Imagine that: one dashboard that can reveal everything a leader needs to know. e-SEK's CEO Dashboard can be mapped to corporate plans, risk management, governance structures, strategic initiatives, budgets, milestones and more, aligned with the business's rules. Once mapped, the CEO Dashboard delivers corporate performance reports and real-time alerts to a CEO, giving instant insight into the activities that define business outcomes.

"CEOs spend all their time in meetings for a reason: they have to stay informed about what the business is doing," explained Denice Manganye, Managing Partner at e-SEK. "The organisations where leaders don't do this eventually suffer for it. But modern digital innovation can help them stay informed on organisational performance, drawing information from all parts of the company and presented in a dashboard they understand and control. If something is under-performing, they don't have to wait for the next meeting to find out. They can know now and take proactive action or use their knowledge to keep executives on their toes."

In with e-SEK's CEO Dashboard

e-SEK's CEO Dashboard is a platform service, meaning it is provisioned to the CEO as a web service. It is powered by ESM Software's web-based applications. Established in 2001, ESM Software has been leading the market in Strategy and Performance Review applications, including scorecard systems. It has taken proven business review practices and evolved them alongside the digital revolution to provide integrated turnkey information culture.

e-SEK's CEO Dashboard has numerous features that appeal to leaders of all types of organisations:

* Get no-nonsense and quick risk analysis directly, following knock-on effects in the business and drilling down to grassroots details.
* The service is customised to the CEO's business plan, automating KPIs and linked to executives, processes and systems in the organisation.
* Map projects through milestone phases and budgets, giving key decision makers access and visibility, as well as real-time alerts.
* Link individual performance reviews directly to the organisational strategy and position performance in the right context for execution.
* Design and maintain an online Strategy Map that creates a single view of the organisation's vision, then link projects and other metrics directly to the map.
* Get real-time oversight of projects, milestones and other metrics, with the ability to drill down right up to the coalface.
* Take advantage of a Strategy Sandbox for executives to easily propose, explore, modify and share objectives.
* Maintain effective, efficient and transparent systems of financial, risk management and internal control.
* Automate the collection of organisational data for effective reporting and a Single View of the truth.
* As a web-based platform, the e-SEK CEO Dashboard can be deployed quickly and at very agreeable costs. Taking advantage of scale, it is highly secure yet very accessible to authorised people.
* Powered by ESM software, which reflects the exact Kaplan and Norton BSC methodology.
* The service utilises an extensive best practice KPI library for confident evaluation.
* ESM's applications and by virtue e-SEK's CEO Dashboard are the only platforms designed from the top down to serve the needs of the executive discussion flow and decision process.
* Straightforward licensing options as well as strategic mapping services - e-SEK walks the journey with its customers.

Don't risk your career purely on delegation and trust. e-SEK's CEO Dashboard creates unparalleled visibility into any organisation, from broad overviews to drill-down nuance, yet packaged and deployed in a simple and affordable fashion.

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e-SEK is a technology solutions provider that believes the re-thinking and review of an organisation's fundamental business are becoming increasingly critical to ongoing value creation, profitability and sustainability. Since 1999, it has been helping its customers build sound and organised frameworks to guide thinking through the process of formulating a 'fresh' business design that incorporates all the critical elements that drive and enhance organisational growth and sustainability. e-SEK is the only accredited provider of ESM solutions in Africa.

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