GlueData takes on BI: another step towards complete data solutions

Cape Town, 06 Feb 2019
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GlueData has been a force in the South African market in SAP Master Data Management, data integration and data migration for the past eight years.

"Data is our passion, and we know that data architecture is key to everything from data source, through data lineage to reporting. The effectiveness of a company's data is driven through the underlying data architecture and not the front-end reporting," states Brett Schreuder, Managing Director at GlueData.

GlueData now includes business intelligence (BI) in its solutions and service offerings. "BI is possibly one of the most contentious and 'unloved' topics for many of our clients. We find that discontent is often founded in customers' high aspirations of the value of data (as reported in multiple BI white papers) and their subsequent experiences of non-existent or underwhelming analytics or the high cost of BI, to mention but a few reasons," continues Schreuder.

"We at GlueData know that quality data and business intelligence are close cousins. These two areas have a symbiotic relationship and require, at a minimum: * A shared, well-defined architecture to support the BI and data requirement.

* Deep understanding of industry verticals or specific business processes to support the data conversation; conversion of data into information (KPIs); and the leveraging of data to provide sound analytics, be it descriptive analytics, or ultimately, prescriptive analytics.

* Knowledge of data management and BI principles. Tools and technology should not drive the solution; we believe the solution should influence the selection of the technology and tool set.

"As a SAP partner, GlueData is primarily SAP-centric. However, we see a clear requirement to extend the end-state BI landscape into other suitable technologies to support the requirement for optimum data management. Agility, cost drivers, suitable local skills and organisational constraints are all factors taken into account when designing and delivering the data and BI solution architecture.

"Through our newly established BI competency, GlueData will now provide a more complete service, which is centered on our core skills in data, master data, data quality, modelling of data, data integration, data migration and the management of information, culminating in data analysis and data insights. We look forward to discussing the complete data landscape with our existing and future customers," concludes Schreuder.

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GlueData is a SAP Silver Service Partner and a SAP Special Expertise Partner in enterprise information management (EIM). The company is founded on the principle of achieving quality data, knowing that data drives process and process drives profitability.

GlueData has proven rich methodologies, skilled consultants and the relevant implementation experience to rapidly deliver sustainable value for its customers. The company started in 2010 and has offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. GlueData provides SAP Data solutions and products to customers of all industries within South Africa and across the globe.

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