White paper: Eliminate data silos – query many systems as one

Johannesburg, 29 Nov 2019
Read time 1min 10sec

Data is everywhere and the best businesses in the world today are data-driven. Businesses are collecting data from more and increasingly diverse sources to analyse and run their operations, with those sources perhaps numbering in the thousands or millions.

The complexity, cost, time and risk of error in collecting, governing, storing, processing and analysing that data centrally is increasing exponentially. In parallel, the databases and repositories that are the sources of all of this data are more powerful, with abundant processing and data storage capability of their own available and at hand.

Data virtualisation in IBM Cloud Pak for Data (formerly IBM Cloud Private for Data) is a unique new technology that connects all these data sources into a single self-balancing collection of data sources or databases, referred to as a constellation. No longer are analytics queries performed on data copied and stored in a centralised location. The analytics application submits a query that’s processed on the server where the data source exists. Results of the query are consolidated within the constellation and returned to the original application. No data is copied and it exists only at the source.